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    My friend was involed in an automobile collision a few days ago. he was t boned by an elderly women who ran a stop light. she struck him on the passenger side of his vehicle, causing his head to smash against the driver side window. His head got busted out pretty bad. He was able to exit his car but when he noticed he was bleeding he took his shirt off and applied it to his head to control the bleeding at the time he was concealed carry with a up to date permit but when he took his shirt off he exposed it. When the responding officer arrived on the scene after he was checked out by ems he was placed under arrest for open carrying a firearm which isn't legal here. He was wearing a undershirt. so it may have looked like he was open carrying. My question if you responded to this call would you have arrested him or let it be and do you think this cop was just being an a**h***
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    The arresting officer is 100% out of line. If I was your friend I would file a complaint against him and sue the department.

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    On the surface, I would say the officer is wrong. There are two sides to every story, though, and we don't know what, if anything, your friend may be leaving out, so I don't know that I'd go so far as to say file a complaint and sue.

    I would call the dept and talk to his supervisor. I would also call an attorney or go to the public defender's office. Odds are, under those circumstances, they can get the charges dismissed with a motion or even a call to the prosecutor's office.

    This could be something as simple as a rookie mistake, it could be someone who has issues with citizens carrying guns, or there could be something we're not being told that the officer felt justified the charge.
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    I'm pretty that's how it happened we are both in school for criminal justice both about to start our final semester, and both want to join the local sheriffs dept he told me he didn't even realize people come see his gun and that it was tie last thing on his mind when the officer got there he disarmed him and told him ems would be there in a minute when they got there he said they used some kind of superglue stuff on the cut and told he was good to go the next thing he knew the officer told him to put his hands behind his back. He told me the guy was about 45 some he wasn't a rookie
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    I will not second guess a police officer at the scene making a split decision. However, I would get an attorney and easily beat this in court.
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    sounds like your buddy ran into an asshat with a badge, it happens

    He needs an attorney, and if he is planning on getting into a career in law enforcement he needs to get a damned good criminal defense attorney to make sure he not only gets it dropped, but also hopefully quashed.
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    This is exactly what I would recommend....

    As for me, I would take the 2 minutes to question him and bystanders about the issue and have solved it before the cuffs....
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    100% in agreement!