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Wonder how many people who carry accidentally discharge their weapon, or even hurt someone, as compared to get into an actual gunfight? Not all of us are Navy Seals or cops...

Don't get me wrong. I value everyone's opinions including yours.

Lenny Magill in the above video is the owner of Vast majority his videos are instructional modification videos pertaining to Glock or Sig.
I’ll agree that he puts out great instructional videos. If you really need your pistol especially as a civilian, your life is most likely in imminent danger. I personally would not do anything, or would not carry my pistol in anyway that will cost even splits of a second. That being said, if the carrier is not trained in basic handgun fundamentals, & feels that not carrying a round in the chamber is the right choice for them. Then who am I to argue. I just have this to add. Before Glocks, etc. Most carried these.

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