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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Alansbrack, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Alansbrack

    Alansbrack New Member

    is there a way to move mag release and slide release to opposite side for a left handed shooter? I have been unable to locate any info so far
  2. dutchs

    dutchs Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure you can only do it on the GEN4's. Someone else will come along and tell you for sure!


    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Mag release, on gen 4… yes… slide lock lever, nope...
  4. Glockmaster

    Glockmaster New Member

    I own 2 GEN 4's a G23 & a G27 and the only lefty MOD that is available is the MAG release from right handed to left handed.
  5. SuperSport

    SuperSport Member

    I feel your pain - I'm a lefty as well and from shooting I've grown used to it. But the bad thing is if and when I do get my hard to find gen 4 g23 fde I'll probably not change the mag release because having it on the left side is natural. May not be the best technique because I have to alter my strong hand grip to activate the lever. One thing I do like is not having the side release one the right side. My grip has my thumbs up high on the frame which is an issue shooting my H&K w ambi slide release.
  6. Argyle64

    Argyle64 New Member

    Read my signature. You can move the the mag release on a Gen4 ONLY. My signature: read it, learn it, love it.
  7. Wolfgang2000

    Wolfgang2000 New Member

    I'm going on 60 years of being a lefty in a right handed world. It does have issues. But Glock isn't one of them.

    The slide lock is used only for inspection. I take my trigger finger hold the lock up, and jack the slide.

    If the slide locks back while shooting, insert mag sling shot the slide, the way Glock designed it.

    To drop the mag, the left index finger works well.

    The only issue I've had being a lefty is that the mag release is open to bumps while holstered.
  8. havasu

    havasu Well-Known Member Supporter

    As a left handed shooter, this is exactly how I do it!
  9. Argyle64

    Argyle64 New Member

    I learned how to do everything on a Gen 3 Glock so I have always used my left index finger to drop the mag. Even with my Gen4 pistols I still keep the mag release on the left side because that's how I learned and trained.