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    Hey folks, an OAL related question on the Lee Load-Master from a beginner reloader. *I use the carbide die set, pre-de-cap my cases, and clean them ultrasonically before I start.

    As you know, when this or any progressive press is fully populated and you're cranking out the rounds, there is a lot going on and the forces are pretty large! *I find that when one particularly uncooperative case gets up in the resizing die, there is just enough flex in everything that the bullet seating die on the other side of the turret ends up not getting enough of the stroke to push the bullet down as far as I've set it to do.*

    Now, I know that a shorter OAL than spec for the load is BAD! *But in this situation, it's only a few thou longer, and never gets anywhere near max OAL, so the rounds always cycle fine in the G17's action. *And a bit of extra expansion space in the lighter loads I tend to shoot shouldn't put me into a pressure problem, but the issue is consistency of performance... and just general annoyance!

    I guess some solutions are to not clean my cases so squeaky clean, or perhaps lube them before loading, but I'm not sure if that's practical in volume? *Now, I just check out every round before I box them up, as one should anyway, and pull out any one that looks a little long. *A digital micrometer is vital for this, and then just re-run those rounds back through the seating die. *Even a good crimp will not prevent the press from sliding the bullet in the little bit more it needs to go.

    Not knocking Lee products here, especially the Load-Master, which otherwise works great and is very cool to use,*I'm guessing that more expensive presses are perhaps made of less compliant stuff. *But it does seem to me that every progressive press must encounter this*type of functional contradiction with every stroke of the ram?

    Comments, suggestions, and dialog welcomed...

    Ian in Canada, & rockin the 9mm ;)
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    Hey Iprice, I cant answer that for you but your at the right place. Give it awhile and you will have an answer. Welcome to the forum! From the other end, FLORIDA!