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new to the glock scene. Just picked up 500 rounds of ultramax 1245gr 9mm for a great price. I have never shot lead, just fmj through my g19. Now I am reading on the internet not to use lead because of the polygonal barrel.
Can anyone give me personal experiance with lead fouling. I don't want to take a chance.


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You will be fine. IF you're good about keeping after the fouling.

From speaking to the local Glock technical rep, SUPPOSEDLY, there were only 2 documented cases of kaboom's happening with lead bullets and these were on poorly maintained guns with "self" reloads (out of spec) and not factory loads.

However, to avoid further lawsuits, the disclaimer was put in the manual.

Remember not all lead is created equal. ultramax is a good manufacturer and their ammo is loaded within SAAMI specs. Not sure if they use "Hard Cast" lead or "regular" lead for this ammo. Hard Cast lead is significantly harder than "regular" lead and leaves MUCH less fouling. I have a local shop that does reloads for me using hardcast lead. The shop owner and many of their employees are competitive shooters and they shoot several THOUSAND of his rounds a week, in all. NONE of them have had an issue. But this is hard cast lead.

So here is what you MUST do if you're going to shoot lead (hard cast or not):
  1. CLEAN YOUR GUN after EVERY range session. No exceptions
  2. Use a GOOD quality cleaner not just one that is "good enough".
  3. Use a GOOD cleaning kit, not the crap nylon brush that came with the gun. You need the abrasive strength of brass/bronze to help scrape out any possible deposits
  4. Use a "de-leading" agent (like Sweet's 7.62- FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!!!)
  5. Run patches through until clean and THEN, take a tuft of 0000 Steel wool and run it through on a jag several times. Use enough so that it's a tight fit in the bore.
  6. Run your "wet" and dry patches through again

Do this every time you shoot lead bullets and you'll be ok. YMMV- (do at your own risk)
Personally, I have shot several thousand rounds of LRN through a g17 and a g23 (lead flat nose). I do not have an issue with lead fouling when following the procedure listed above.

Be prepared for a LOT of smoke. Lead bullets often have a lube ring that has a bunch of case lube in it. When you shoot, it will make a bunch of smoke.

Otherwise, have fun.

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