Lead loads

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  1. Had my G21 from 1990...there abouts. Shot about 5000+ 220 gr lead semiwadcutters thru it...target loads and never had a problem. Now that I am in Miami, I here that GLOCK says NOT to use lead! Strange....never had a problem. So I got a Lone Wolf extended and ported barrel for it. The barrel finally broke in after about 400 rds. I was shooting 200gr lead round nose over 5.8gr of 231. Shoots great but super loud! Anyone else using lead in their GLOCKS?
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    All polygonal barrels say not to use lead, they will cause alot more fouling in a polygonal (hexagonal in Glock) barrel. There are countless people who do it anyway without problems though. Also, you can always just use a wolf barrel in your glock when shooting lead to be safe.