Lead Ammo?

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    Anyone know when lead will stop being used from the manufacturers? Then how long will it take before it's not on the shelves I wonder?
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    They have all copper bullets and shotgun ammo made of steel shot already.

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    If you're referring to the lead plant closing, you've been tricked by media sources intent on generating buzz that gives them more advertising revenue.

    Bullet manufacturers have already stated that the closing of the last smelter would not affect them as they didn't source lead from that plant anyway.

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    Thanks for clarifying and yes I had read and heard that they were closing. Dang media. :(
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    Yeah... whenever you're looking at a piece of news, even if it's from a "conservative" source, you have to remember that "news" outlets, at their very core, even from when they were first founded, are about 2 things: swaying public opinion, and generating revenue.

    The more outlandish the story can be, the more revenue they can generate. Causing people to scream "the sky is falling" makes them money.

    In every news story there is a kernel of truth. Our job, as "Free thinkers" is to find the kernel of truth in every news story and act based upon that kernel of truth/fact.

    In reference to the article I was speaking of, here's the link so you can read it for yourself (written by the NRA-ILA- the lobbying arm of the NRA):

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    Thanks for the link and info. I'm conservative but do listen to both sides as hard as that may be. Hopefully they won't effect us.
  7. Someone sourced lead from that plant. And now some of those businesses and people will be sourcing from the same places that ammo companies use. When demand goes up and supply goes down, prices usually go up.

    Just saying.
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    Battery prices will go up.

    The plant produced "primary" lead for lead acid batteries. Bullets use "secondary" lead. Bullets are also 1-3% (depends who's stats you use) of the TOTAL lead market and it's RECYCLED lead. Lead is not a "once and done" recycling thing. Lead can be re-used almost indefinitely.

    the numbers/percentages don't add up to have an affect on ammo pricing.

    The US is a very large exporter of lead to the secondary smelting market. We ship out TONS of lead to be smelted and recycled from batteries. only 10% of the lead we use is sourced from mining.

    More info here: