LE trade in Glock 21s $409 delivered

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by bhale187, May 17, 2012.

  1. officerX

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  2. bhale187

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    Sorry, I missed it, just wanted to pass it on as it seemed like a good deal to me.
  3. officerX

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    No, definitely! This will probably get more noticed than mine since its in the wrong section. I'm glad you put it here!
  4. I might pay that for a new one
  5. Its got night sights with it too... looks like its in good shape, If I was in the market for it, I'd pick it up
  6. AuxSix

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    Night sights are 10 years old though. And the only review is negative.
  7. bhale187

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    ???? G21 costs $474 delivered on LE discount, where can you get one for $409 delivered new?
  8. $409 is a great price, new or used, if it has night sights (even if they are old and almost glowed out). Heck, Glocks in this area are busting the $620 barrier new (after taxes) - and that's for a Gen 3 without night sights!
  9. You guys either live in the wrong places or dont haggle well. It would be a great price if it was new.
  10. bhale187

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    wow, I thought blue label prices were great, I guess not if you can get a G21 new for $410 where you're at.
  11. Maybe both lol :)
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    A brand new, blue label, Gen4 G21 would be $482 for me. I think the price on that used one is a good deal. Just replace the sights for $60.
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    I picked up my 21 for 450 cash. Money talks only most of they time. It only works when they realize that they are not going to sell one that's tagged with a 599 price tag.
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  15. This may be a noob-ish question but what is Blue label? Ive seen people talk about blue label and red label.... and no Im not talking about Johnnie Walker lol
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    Don't feel bad, I had to ask this as well not that long ago. Blue label is LEO/military pricing and Red label is for regular folks. LEO/military folks get a discount.
  17. By the time you pay transfer fee's, more than likely that's not so good of a deal @ $409. Just sayin'