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  2. some of those people were at the range with me yesterday

  3. KeenansGarage

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    As funny as that is, it is scary that they don't get seriously hurt. That s%(t scares me. I hope they are never around...or they will get a quick, forceful rundown on gun safety.
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    4 and a half minutes of making me rethink my stance on gun control. :D
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    I'm amused by the lack of eye protection and eye relief in all those scope hits and pistol-grip shotgun hits.

    That anti-tank missile failing to ignite was pretty hilarious. Oops. :)
  6. jimmyalbrecht

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    I saw a guy at the range shooting at one of those targets that has a "bad guy" holding someone hostage, and he totally got a headshot on the hostage about 4 times...
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    Hilarious to watch in the comfort of home, but frighteningly dangerous when you think about it. Too many people have guns that they do not know how to use, and they infect newbies with their faulty know-how. I have seen things like this many times at the ranges I have been to. I also have a number of these videos on my netbook that I use as instructional "how-not-to" in my gun classes, both CCW and safety in the home.

    Rule of thumb #1: always follow NRA's 5-point basic firearm safety rules.
    Rule of thumb #2: never give someone more gun than they can handle.
    Rule of thumb #3: always train first on grip, then stance, then sight picture.
    Rule of thumb #4: always load only one round if the shooter is a newbie.
    Rule of thumb #5: if they don't want your friendly, helpful, educated advise, walk away quickly.

    Anyone with other rule-of-thumbs out there?