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It's 12:30 a.m. my wife and I were sound asleep when someone tries to enter our hotel room.
She is shaking me, honey, honey
someone is trying to get into our room. Awakened from a dead sleep in a totally dark strange room confused and disoriented, I hear the door banging against the security latch.
At that point I am reaching for my 26 on the nightstand and calling out ,who is it? No answer.
It was then, whoever it was left.
At that point, I approached the door to check and sure enough, if not for the security latch they would have been in our room.
Many years ago on a passed traveling experience, a coworker and I were checking into a hotel while out of town on business. After leaving the hotel desk , we preceded to check into our room.
I inserted the key card, opened the door and to our surprise, we find that the room is currently occupied. The lady in the room was just as shock as we were. No, she was not nude. After multiple apologies and an explaination we retreated back to the desk clerk.
Thinking back, I once too mistakenly tried to enter the wrong hotel room. Realizing it when my key card wouldn't unlock the door.
As a conceal carry license holder, I realized 2 things last night.
The first, was how critical time, assessment and reaction is during a percieved threat situation.
Second is, Night Sights. Why Night Sights, because in the middle of the night in a pitch dark room even without my glasses that was the first thing I saw. Those 24/7 Big Dots led my invisible hand directly to my firearm.
Luckily for the individual attempting to enter our room and my wife and I the night ended well.
Although, it could have easily been a tragedy. Thank God it wasn't.
In closing, be safe, be sure, before you take action.

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Glad you and your wife are safe. I always have the security latch on anytime in a hotel. Like right now.

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Glad to hear that your experience ended safely and that you were able to use it as a teaching lesson for all of us.

I had a hotel room experience that your story reminded me of;

My buddies and I were on a work trip out of town, and were staying in a shady part of the city. One of the nights we decided to stay in the motel, order food and just stay put. A woman came knocking on our door in the middle of the night. My buddy, whose room it was answered -(first mistake here). He opened the door without the security latch engaged. She asked him a few questions, getting him to drop his guard. Then she forced herself into the room enough for her head and upper body to get half way through the door.

He pushed her out and slammed the door behind her. Though she didn’t physically get anything, she achieved what she wanted: information. We found out later from the authorities that she had ran scams like this before. She would gather information, and then report it to a group of thugs that were waiting outside so they would know what victims had in their rooms before they forced their way in. This would help them determine if it was worth the effort or not.

Lessons we learned;

1) never take for granted the security features in the room - and use them.

2) be aware the threat may present as something meek, but that may be a diversion for a greater threat that is waiting

3) don’t ignore the rational voice inside that’s telling you to be cautious and to not open the door. Rarely are there any ‘good surprises’ in the middle of the

We asked our buddy why he decided to open the door in the first place. His answer was because he heard the woman’s voice and thought he might get some porno action because he never had a woman knock on his door in the middle of the night.

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Make sure you get a good picture of the person trying to "break into" (ideal if you can see the intruder while you stay in darkness. Flashlight strongly recommneded too), quick warning with strong voice and a laser pointing to the chest tend to work as a good deterrent.

If at that point the person keeps advancing, pray and lit the night.
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