Lasers on pocket pistols?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by GOMAB92, Mar 19, 2012.

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    I think they are a waste of time. If you have it in your pocket and need to draw in a emergency, I think turning on a laser will be the last thing on your mind. What say you?
  2. Opinions vary. The same finger that you should have outside the trigger until ready to fire is what's used to activate a lasermax on a LCP. I can turn one on ubber easy while it's still in my pocket.

  3. Deuce

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    I have CTC on my LCP 380 and it comes on when you grip the gun. No need to turn anything on or off. I love them.
  4. SHOOTER13

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    "I think they are a waste of time"...

    I don't...but, hey...everyone is entitled to their opinion !!

  5. rivalarrival

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    I thought that they were a waste of time and money until I encountered a BG in a dark house. I had him blinded with my tactical light, and nearly had to shoot him because he didn't believe I was armed. This would have been extremely bad because "BG" wasn't actually a BG, just the profoundly-stupid, criminally-trespassing, verbally-threatening, over-protective neighbor of the vacant house my corporate client owned and told me to inspect.

    I now use a Lasermax guide-rod laser, just to be able to tell the BGs how bad their day is about to get. The activation switch is the takedown lever, where my trigger finger sits when it's indexed on the frame anyway.
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    Off topic a bit, but... Shooter13: How do you like that PF9? Been thinking about upgrading my ankle-holstered BUG (TCP) to a compact, single-stack 9mm. The PF9, LC9, and a few others are on my list.
  7. SHOOTER13

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    It's a great little BUG !!

    Own three...!! My original is the one posted above. ^^^

    These are the other two...bought them as Christmas presents for "my girls"...

    who carry them everyday !!

  8. unit44justin

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    I bought a Crimson Trace laser for my dads LCP because of the fact that all you have to do to turn it on is grip the firearm. It takes very little pressure to activate it. Even though it cost $60 more over the Lasermax and Laserlyte setups, I still went with it because of the pressure pad. In an emergency situation I would not want to worry about having to press a button to activate the laser. The pressure pad of the CT system eliminates that one extra step.

    I just bought a new Sig P238 from Buds a few minutes ago it comes with the Sig laser, Hogue grips and Sig night sights. The only reason I bought that model is because it only cost $25 more than the standard model with normal grips and fixed sights and no laser. I will probably end up selling the laser if I don't feel I will use it and make some money back or buy the Crimson Trace laser since the Sig laser is similar to the Laserlyte/Lasermax setups with button activation. I'll post up some pics when it arrives.
  9. rivalarrival

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    I tried out the CT lasergrip on a gen3 G26 when my local shop offered it. I found that the laser was blocked by my indexed trigger finger on the side of the frame, and my fingers are too short to reach the trigger guard; I couldn't find any other place to put my trigger finger with the laser activated. I like the idea of it being on as soon as you draw. I just can't use the CT on my Glocks. I haven't tried the LCP model. I can reach the trigger guard on my TCP, so I could adjust my handling enough to use it there. If they make a model compatible with the TCP.
  10. unit44justin

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    I haven't looked, but I assume that the CT laser is located on the grip of the Glock? For the LCP it actually attaches to the trigger guard so nothing can actually get in the way.
  11. G22GEN4

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    Laser on a pocket rocket? Well, if its small enough not to cause a delay on draw, why not. If its bulky, maybe for range fun or some sort of competition. I personally don't see myself using a laser on my edc. If anything was to happen, the attacker would be close enough to where the laser is of no use anyway. By no use I mean that if I can't hit what's a few feet in front of me, I need not carry.
  12. G22GEN4

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    Does the guide rod laser actually handle the recoil & bang pretty well? I wanted 1 but a guy says that they wouldn't last as long do to recoil & such.
  13. rivalarrival

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    Haven't had any real problems with it. I swap in the stock spring/rod when I do extended mag dumps, but I've got a few hundred rounds through it with the laser.
  14. Donn

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    Bought a S&W Bodyguard .38 because it had the laser and the Ruger LCR didn't. Very seldom use it at the well-lighted range. Now if I hear glass breaking at 3:00am, that's different.
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  15. DoubleR

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    Wondering if anyone has/wants/ knows about the lasers that replaces your rear site. Doesn't look like it adds much bulk at all. Looking at getting one.
  16. GlockfanAZ

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    I usually see the LCR with the laser grips for sale.
  17. bartender13

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    I don't have laser on my Glock but I do on my LCP. It is the trigger guard and I love it. I was going to put a similar one on my 26 but my wife now uses that gun.
  18. cutlass327

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    I've heard both sides of it. My CCW instructor wasn't too keen on them for a few reasons, one being that you may be more likely to draw and fire using the laser more and not the sighs, which puts you in a grip that isn't good for good control. My friend's instructor recommends them because like Rival said, many times that laser may be all that is needed to get someone to back off, and the blinding feature of the laser across the eyes can help too. His instructor said a $100 laser may save you from $1000's of legal fees and such if you pulled the trigger...

    I think both instances have their truth, and would all depend on the situation... Someone starting to threaten you may be scared of at just the sight of a pistol, where the laser would help. Someone charging you won't really stop too fast from seeing anything, and if you are using the laser in a poor grip you may not hit with all shots...
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    I've got one on my bodyguard. It's nice to have, and I train with it both on and off. The bodyguard has a real set of sights that I prefer. If I ever have to use the gun, I probably wouldn't use the laser unless I had some extra time.