Lasers, how fast before losing sight/zero?

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  1. TxShooter

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    For those who actively use lasers, how often do you find you have to sight-in/zero them?
  2. ODG34

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    That depends on the lazer. I have never had to adjust my Crimson Trace lazer. My gunsmith had one of the lazer guide rods and had to readjust it anytime he shot more than a few rounds. It just depends on the brand and model you get.

  3. G19C

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    I don't know about the other brands of lasers, but CT lasers I have and use, only required a minor adjustment out of the box once onto the firearm for standard pistol range shooting.. I was worried about it the first time I used the laser that the recoil would jar it our of sight, but out of all the rounds I've shot, I've never had to re-sight them back in...

    Me and a buddy of mine both also have an LCP .380 with a CT and his became loose after having some grip work done, which required him to re-sight his in. But that was more due to the "fit" after the work was done. Mine, even on the small .380 has been dead on.. Just have to clean the lens after shooting some rounds...

    But I've never used any other brands as of yet..