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  1. Truck633

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    I am looking at the internal lasermax, it doesn't show if it is adjustable or not, however it does seem pretty reliable from all that I have read.
  2. I bought one for my G-32 a couple of years ago. I really did not care for it and it is currently sitting in my nightstand drawer.
    What I didn't like about it is that batteries and recoil spring have to be replaced too frequently.

  3. TxShooter

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    How often do they suggest the recoil spring be replaced?
  4. ODG34

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    A friend of mine had one. After a few shots the heat would cause the lazer to drift away from point of aim. I would suggest a Crimson Trace lazer grip if you want an out of the way lazer, I love them.
  5. X2 on the CT....
    I'm not into messing with my RSA that is GLOCK for something that would almost have to be (or could be) less reliable.
  6. In my case, I was replacing the recoil spring at around 500 rounds. For me it is just not worth it. I can shoot my G-32 very accurately without the laser.
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    I own several Crimson Trace lasers, and their lasers are one of the best in the industry in my opinion! Plus their customer service is hands down one of the best in the industry. They provide free batteries, and will fix or replace any lasers that have any issues (rare with CT, but it can happen and they are top-notch IMHO). Just my opinion, but with my experience and many others at the PD and many of my other LE friends all use CT lasers..

    Take Care
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    I have one in my G26. I didn't like the Crimson Trace - my finger, indexed on the side, blocked the laser. My index finger was already resting on the takedown lever on the draw, so with the new takedown lever/laser switch, I was already operating the controls by instinct.

    There's no adjustment that I know of. Mine is good enough to plink cans from about 50 feet. I was less interested in an aiming tool than in something to convince people blinded by my 230-lumen inspection light that yes, I'm armed, and yes, I'm ready to shoot them.

    It's easy to swap in the original guide rod - if I'm going to shoot more than a couple magazines, I swap in the original, save the wear and tear on the expensive one. I've only put a couple hundred rounds through it with the laser, but I haven't had any problems yet.

    I imagine it's true for most, but I know a Serpa holster turns off the laser reliably.
  9. Truck633

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    would it fit my glock 22?

    and would you like to part with it?
  10. The one I have would not work in a g-22.
  11. rivalarrival

    rivalarrival Are we there yet?

    This thread needs more pictures...

    The laser/recoil spring assembly and new takedown lever:
    (not shown: the takedown lever spring is also replaced. The replacement has a small detent notch to hold the new lever/switch in whatever position you intend. The new takedown spring and lever works with the old recoil spring if you want to swap them out to avoid wear and tear on the laser/spring assembly)

    Laser/Spring assembly fit to the barrel/slide. The red plastic end of the assembly is keyed to the round spring indentation on the barrel, forcing consistent alignment:

    New takedown lever in "off" position. It protrudes slightly further than the original lever, providing a slightly improved grip when it comes time to field strip:

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  12. havasu

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    R/A...What did the laser cost you? Has it hindered the performance at all?
  13. rivalarrival

    rivalarrival Are we there yet?

    Just under $300 from Amazon.

    As far as performance - My iron-sighted patterns before and after are unchanged - at 26 yards (the length of my indoor range) about 12" diameter. At the same distance, with the laser, my patterns tighten up to about 6" diameter.

    I've noticed no significant changes in the operation of my otherwise stock G26.
  14. Smooth2o

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    I have one. It's not adjustable. When I use it in either my G26 or G27, it points to the upper left corner of the center post. Pretty accurate. I have about 200 rounds through the gun with the laser. It's pretty simple to switch out so maybe I'll do that before hitting the range. Absolutely no change in performance so far. I will use it when I carry and when I go to the wilderness camp with the boys just to impress them... right now, I am trying it out.
  15. Droppeds10

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    Got one in my g27 (finally) mine also seems to point to the upper left haven't been to the range but thinking about selling this and getting something for my 1911 instead
  16. Billpebbs

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    Had one for my last 27. Loved it. No issues after 200+ rounds. Took a little while to get the hang of it. Sights were just barely off at 15 yds or so. Plan on getting another for my latest 27.
  17. Gen4Man

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    Crimson Trace. It'll triple your chances of survival in a lethal force encounter. A laser for close in gun battles is an advantage ... oftentimes shots go wild. You can focus on driving the laser on target and squeezing off fight stopping shots you know are connecting.
  18. Glockinator19

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    I have a barely used one for my 19.. I don't ever use it. I didn't want it, but I got it from my parents for Christmas. It's not my cup of tea, it's nice and functions flawlessly, just not my style.
  19. dwcfastrice

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    That focus needs to be coupled with trigger control, however.

    I see people with lasers at the range shooting all the time. Too often use of a laser it an excuse for poor or lack of training/practice.

    I've seen way to many shooters with lasers who's shots still go wild (you can see the laser move as their pulling the trigger) because they have poor trigger control.

  20. Glockinator19

    Glockinator19 Certified Glock Armorer

    I always see people at the range with a glock with laser and I have NEVER seen a single person who shot even remotely average. I'm talking hitting all over the target, the standard silhouette from top to bottom left to right, never hitting even 1 foot near the previous shot. I am scared sometimes when I go to the range because I always seem to be there with young guys who don't know what they are doing and think they are cool, but it's just unsafe.