LaserMax "Uni-Max: Micro"

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  1. Blades

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    Anybody using a Micro on their Glock(specifically a G30sf)?
    I'm considering one, but was looking for some feedback.

    I was also looking at the Viridian C5L, it is a green laser and a LED light in one module, its twice as much, but it does twice as much. :rolleyes:

    I think the Micro will fit in my Remora holster I have now, The C5L? I have to buy another Remora, which is fine, they are not expensive.

    The LaserMax Guide Rod is another choice, but for the money I can upgrade to green. :confused: But the Micro and C5L can be used on other weapons, the Guide Rod Laser is for the G30/G29 only. :confused: :(

    See why I need help?
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  2. Blades

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    And after watching this video I think a red laser will work fine:

  3. chadsaalfrank

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    I am saving to get the viridian c5l. I have a cpl friends with this on various guns and it is awesome! I have the railmaster on my 23 and its decent!
    Fyi: guide rod laser as issues and voids glock warrenty. My .02$
  4. Blades

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    I like the C5L, light and laser? Very nice.
    Crimson Trace showed some new green lasers at the NRA Show, I'm wondering what they'll be. Crimson Trace has a three year warranty, which I like a lot.
  5. techgov8

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    I have a viridian glk for my 17 and I love it. It ls very bright in the night and day as well. I'd recommend it