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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Truck633, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Truck633

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    Anybody know where I can get a lasermax sight for my model 22 any cheaper than 275.

    I keep looking, but not much luck
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    How set are you on the laser max unit?
    I have the Veridian CL5 and love it. It is a green laser/light combo that is user programmable (both laser and light can strobe) and you can see it in daylight @ 50ft and on dark clothing. I can get them for around your price point.

  3. Truck633

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    I will google them tonight, if they are as easy to operate as the lasermax appears to be (never used one, just saw the ads) I would prolly jump on it!!

    I see a new room for sights and optics, mods...please move!
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  4. Truck633

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    Looked up the veridian, think I am set on the internal laser, just something cool about it!
  5. Truck633

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    and by the way

    for some reason I felt obliged to include this here....
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    Hello. I have the Lasermax in my G23, and have had it for about 8 years. I love it, easy on, easy off. No obstructions. No holster considerations or restrictions. You can replace the Lasermax battery packs with 3 watch batteries. I forget the number of them right now, I can strip her down and look if you like, but that is essentially what they are selling you as a $14 replacement battery pack. 3 $1.50 watch batteries heat shrinked together. It is bright, and doesnt eat up your rail for dropping on a Streamlight for night duty in the bedside drawer.

    I really can't say about how the others perform, as I have never owned anything other than the Lasermax, and a $20 gun show trigger guard bolt on laser that turned out to be more useful watching my dog chase it than attaching it to any firearm.:D
  7. I have a LaserMax internal in my G30 and it works well. The only drawbacks are that it can turn itself on or off during a string of fire, and after heavy use (or dirty ammo), the aperture can become dirty, blocking the beam, because the laser is just below the barrel.

    I recently installed a LaserLyte unit on my G19 and it ROCKS!!! It mounts on the rear sight, so that you can still use your regular "iron" ball-and-notch in bright sunlight, yet have a laser that you can flick on with your thumb. You can set it to pulse OR stay on solid (which the LaserMax doesn't do -- it pulses full time) and, best of all, you don't lose any rail space OR need a new holster! They run about $150.00, but I caught mine on sale for just $99.00. Check it out at:
  8. rivalarrival

    rivalarrival Are we there yet?

    Got one on my G26. It's accurate enough to consistently plink cans at 50-60 feet. Indexing your finger on the side of the gun, a push of the new takedown lever turns it on. I've found that most holsters turn it off automatically when you reholster, which is a plus in my book - no chance of wasted batteries.

    The first time you install it, you swap the takedown lever and the spring under it for lasermax parts. The new takedown lever is slightly larger, which is actually pretty nice when you go to field strip it. The old guide rod still works so you can swap in the cheap one at the range to save wear and tear on the expensive one.

    I've only found the individual batteries locally - and incredibly overpriced - at Radio Shack, but they're readily available online, and fairly inexpensive. Still, I'm on my first set after about 5 months, and that's with plenty of "showing off" of my new toy.

    I did notice on two occasions, both after extended use, that the laser faded to quite dim. I thought I'd killed the batteries, but an hour later and it was fine again. I don't know if it was overheating or what, but it was kinda weird.

    I chose it over the Laserlyte because I have tritium night sights that I didn't want to give up - and it's plain ugly! :p

    I chose it over the Crimson Trace Lasergrip because my trigger finger blocked the beam when I had it indexed alongside the frame.

    Since the G26 doesn't have a picatinny rail, the only other option seemed to be a trigger guard model, and, I didn't want to replace my holsters.
  9. kj4963

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    I have the Lasermax guide rod Laser in my Glock 22, and after two trips to the range it broke, and was sent to Lasermax for repair. I just recently got it back, and have not used it yet. so far I'm not impressed.
  10. Master68

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    I'm looking for an old thread about the Lasermax Rod guide, mainly because I'd like to know your experiences with this device. I'm not sure about the quality, people say that the batteries drains like water and that, with time, is hard to get zero in sights. is this true?
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