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  1. Found a link to the forum and liked what I saw when browsing through.
    I've been into firearms since I got my first 22 around 20 years ago. I enjoy target shooting and hunting when I get the time to go.

    My current glock collection includes an OD G17 gen3, a G17 gen2 that I started customizing and a G21SF gen3. Hopefully in 2012 my collection will grow a little more.
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum Livewire!

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    welcome to the forum
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    Welcome to the forum:D
  5. Thanks for the welcomes.

    My collection grew one more yesterday. Bought a new gen3 G34, has the pick between a 3rd gen and a 4th but the magazine release on the 3rd gen fit me better. Also have a gen3 G19 in the works on a trade deal that hopefully will go through next week.
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    Welcome to Glock Forum! Congrats on your growing collection! I love my gen 3 Glock 34. What part of KY are you from? I used to work in Bowling Green and miss every minute of it! I loved it up there.:D
  7. I live about an hour north of Bowling Green. My wife and info there pretty often since we live in the boonies and BG is a hopping' city to us. Haha