Kill Cliff Recovery and Endurance Drink

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    Hey guys. Wanted to introduce a new product to you that I have recently come across and am really enjoying. It is called Kill Cliff. It is a Recovery and Endurance drink for athletes, fighters, Mil/LEO, and pretty much anyone who leads a high speed lifestyle. It is a unique, "lightly carbonated" and "blood orange" flavored drink that has Digestive Enzymes to help with plant and protein fiber digestion, anti-stress agents, circulatory health, and anti-inflamatories as well. You can check it out at or see what's in it at...

    I am in no way affiliated with this company, only a consumer. They are actually based not far from my hometown. They are in Atlanta. The product was developed by a former SEAL and went through an 18 month testing/product review phase before it was released. I came across it Master's week right at the end of that phase. They were giving some out here in Augusta. I bought a six pack and started drinking them after my Insanity workouts. After week one I was hooked and went and bought a case.

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