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  1. My question is how old should kids be to start introducing them into firearms and our beloved second amendment? My oldest is going on six and he already sits there and watches me clean all my firearms and ask all sorts of questions as to why they have to cleaned or what part is this; he is even starting to help out by handing me patches, gun oil or even bore butter for my muzzle loader. I figured I'll break the curiosity! remember when I was six I was already shooting my dad's 10/22. Is getting kids into shooter shunned upon now or can you get into trouble?
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    i allow my 4 year old to help me clean my guns. My 13 year old has his own rifle , shoots my G26 and sks . my 9 year old wants a hello kitty ar15 lol. I do not come from a gun home .I see way too many PREVENTABLE accidents due to lack of education.

    My 4 year old locks his nerf guns in my safe !!!

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    I started my son at 2 years and by 4 years he was asking why Gander Mountain's guns were not in their safe. Formal hunter safety at 10 (as allowed by law).
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    Some ranges require that the kid must be 10 or older.
    My 10 years old started a few years ago, I believe when he was 7yrs old.
    He started with a 10-22, which he loves, and is also shooting my AR-15.
    He likes my handguns but has shown more interest in my rifles and shotguns. He just started Trap/Skeet shooting with a 20 gauge.
    He likes outdoor ranges more. I guess the noise of indoor ranges scares him a little.

    Every kid is different, but I recommend starting them with a 22 rifle and in an outdoor range; based on my own experince.
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    .17 Hmr age 10

    SKS 7.62 x 39 age 12
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    We started our kids shooting at around 4 and our son had his own .22 rifle when he was 7. He was his dad's hunting buddy from the time he could sit still in a tree stand. It's never too early to teach them safe gun handling. We never had the 1st problem with either of them. They always knew that guns weren't toys.
  7. My daughter got her first rifle at 2 1/2. Started shooting at 3 1/2. Got her first pistol at 4 1/2. She is 6 now. And a fair shot. Only thing is. She must treat all her toy firearms as real firearms. I have always had her do this. So for Christmas she is getting nerf guns so we can have wars inside with each other. She has a stubborn streak and you can not unlearn her on the treating all her guns as real.
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    I feel that once they're at the age to comprehend gun safety they are old enough to be introduced with some hands on supervised experience. However I would never leave open access to any firearm, an under developed mind can sometimes be unpredictable, especially through the teen years. Along with the basic rules of gun safety another thing I instilled in our children is to never brag or talk about the firearms we have to their friends or classmates. My philosophy is the less who know the better. Don't need someone who's desperate for a gun breaking into your home to get one when you're not there. ;)
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    Depends not on the age of the child but the maturity and competency of the child.

    I know quite a few immature and incompetent children disguised as adults who have no business being around firearms. Quite a few of them got elected to Congress...

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    I started at 4.

    Start them early and guns become "meh" and not some mysterious, fetished thing.

    Start them off on the right foot with firearms. You know, that whole "Train up a child in the way he should go..." thing.

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    I grew up with guns and was shooting as soon as I could hold the gun and be safe. About 4ish I think. Did the same with my son. There was always a loaded pistol in the bedroom and rifles & shotguns in the closet. (Didn't have a safe back then) but he knew not to mess with them and they weren't toys. We have done the same again with our grandson. He is now 5 and has been shooting for two years now. . ImageUploadedByGlock Forum1417730902.829330.jpg
    ImageUploadedByGlock Forum1417731019.895969.jpg
    ImageUploadedByGlock Forum1417731121.473630.jpg

    Our range also hosts a Teach A Teen To Shoot every August. Kids from 10 to 19 come and shoot everything from .22 & 9mm pistols to a .308 rifle. They learn gun safety and responsibility, etc.

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    I sat my Grand daughter basically in my lap on the ground and let her shoot my 10/22,,,she's 3. She LOVED it. I had to be very firm but she already gets the stay behind the line thing and knows not to mess with the gun without grandpa or grandma..I want them educated and capable..NOT scared... The 8 year old is a hell of a shot already....