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Kids and gun safety

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All responsible gun owners who have kids have a duty to secure the gun at all times. I to have an 11 year old daughter. Here's what I did:

1) When I first got my Glock, I enrolled us in an NRA first steps program to teach her about gun safety. We attended together and it was a nice bonding experience.

2) I carry every day and talk about frequently. Guns and self defense are NOT taboo subjects.

3) I purchased a .22 pistol for her and taught her how to shoot.

4) Anytime she wants to see "her" gun, all she has to do is ask.

5) I take her to the range with me anytime she wants to go. (I usually have to beg her to go :-( )

My plan was to take the "mystery" out of guns and engrain in her gun safety.

So, what did you do?
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I need to get ahold of the nra.
we have a 15 yr old daughter,she has gone to the range with us .
but I would like to have some more safty program for her.
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