Kentucky boy here

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by BigBensGlocks, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. BigBensGlocks

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    Hello all!!! Proud owner of the gen3 g19 and g23. I absolutely love them. Prolly more than I should hahaha. Here to listen and learn and hopefully get to know some other glock fanatics.
  2. havasu

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum!

  3. Caseyglock19

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    Welcome to the forum.
  4. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum BigBensGlocks !!
  5. KeenansGarage

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum! Stick around, you will like it here!
  6. Happysniper1

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    Hello, BigBensGlocks, and WELCOME to the Forum!

    You've sure come to the right place, c'mon in and make yourself at home.

  7. MiguelAngel

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    Welcome to the forum!
  8. Webphisher

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    Welcome! But were not Glock fanatics, its a cover for a 1911a forum! LOL
  9. jimmyalbrecht

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    Welcome! I own a 23 as well, and I love it. Nice choice!
  10. teksid

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    Welcome from KY.