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Kel-Tec PF-9

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Been looking for a pocket gun and stumbled upon a PF-9. Liked how it felt compared to others so threw all my research out the window and bought it.

What are your opinions on this gun? Much cheaper than comparable models so is that an indication of poor quality? Can it be trusted to carry one in the chamber?

Don't worry about hurting my feelings, if it was a dumb impulse buy, so be it. I would just like to know how reliable and how safe. Thanks and fire away!!!
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Many people have lots of issue with this gun. I have one, and I have never had a malfunction, since day one in about seven or eight month. I always carry one in the chamber, spend weeks with out going to the range and when I go I shoot the same bullets that were inside the gun, just for test and no problems. I also like how comfortable it's to carry around compare to other brands. One thing I notice that it's a lil snappy due to the light weight and size for a 9mm. But I can manage the recoil really good, in fact I like it. And to me it's really accurate. Now if I had to pick only one gun to carry and to own I would tell you to choose another one due to the poor reviews makes me feel a lil paranoid sometimes.
runman said:
Just got an opportunity to shoot the new Kel Tec. Fired some 115 and 124 gr factory FMJ without any problems. Also shot some Hornaday critical defense and it fired just fine. This gun does not like the reloads I bought at the last gun show, multiple FTE and a couple double feeds. As soon as I want back to factory ammo it ran fine though. Put about 150 rounds through it so far.

Gun is not fun to shoot though. Pretty stiff recoil for a 9mm and grip and trigger were tearing my sissy hands up. Need to keep working with it to "acclimatize" my hands.

All and all not too bad. As long as it continues to run reliably, I'm good with it.
Remember that this lil pistol it's not designed to have blast at the range, I think it's pretty much designed to keep it conceal and comfortable in your pocket and wish never have to use it. I'm glad it ran good for you!
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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