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Kel-Tec PF-9

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Been looking for a pocket gun and stumbled upon a PF-9. Liked how it felt compared to others so threw all my research out the window and bought it.

What are your opinions on this gun? Much cheaper than comparable models so is that an indication of poor quality? Can it be trusted to carry one in the chamber?

Don't worry about hurting my feelings, if it was a dumb impulse buy, so be it. I would just like to know how reliable and how safe. Thanks and fire away!!!
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This gun was a nightmare. I hate kel tec. Read my old posts on it. Look on you tube too.
I tried searching Kel Tec before I ever posted, but came up with zero results. Any idea how I can find the previous posts? Any and all feedback is appreciated.

For more info ....

WORST company I have ever dealt with.
My buddy has a PF9 with zero issues. That is great but unfortunately that is lucky and not the rule. Do a search for PF9 and you will see TONS of issues with them. And thier customer service is horrid. Plus, encouraging folks to mislabel firearm shipment is bordering on criminal. If someone wants to buy from them go ahead. I hope you have good luck.

Also, they have been lying about their KSG shotguns for sometime. They have said they are producing "X" number of units yet no one seems to see them. Ask guns shops about dealings they have had with kel tec. BS company to say the least.
I had issues almost from the start. Sent the gun back twice. Came back WORSE the first time. Got a replacement gun that had issues from day one. The pistol needs to be recalled to fix the numerous issues they have. It was a great gun as far as accuracy and feel. It just was NOT reliable. And I wouldn't trust my life to it.
We were considering the M&P shield for my wife to carry off duty. Seems like a nice little pistol. She has shot the 33 a lot but thinks the grips is just a little too fat. Who knows. She was real excited when she got the PF9, too bad it didn't work out.
It's all good now. I got what I paid for it in trade. And we love the single six. No worries of a FTE. lol Good luck.
1 - 6 of 21 Posts
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