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Just won new glock on gunbroker

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Im so happy, just won a nib gen 4 glock 22 for $473.75 and $35 insured 2 day air delivery to FFL. 3 mags. Glock #2 in my collection! I cant believe there is an ebay for guns! I watched the auctions for awhile looking for good deal. Anyone love a glock 22?
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Personal Favorite! My daily weapon of choice! Great Gun! Fun to shoot too!!
Congrats on your Gen4 G22. I have one and love it. Have fun at the range with it. a pic when you get her !
The G22 is awesome!!!! Had mine for a week or so and wouldn't trade it for anything. I luvz my baby. :)
I've been carrying my G22 for around 20 years if that tells you anything. Still bone stock, still rocking the range!
G22.....Oh, that is that black gun with polymer. Yeah, I like that one. Congrats! :)
Very good deal imo. So do you have your own ffl or did you transfer it to a gunshop?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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