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Just wanted to say Hi from VA

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Well, I just wanted to introduce myself. I currently live in Stafford, VA and work on the Marine Corps Base Quantico. I have been in the Marines for 15 years and my specialty is Infantry. I love to shoot and I currently hold 10x Rifle Expert and 10x Pistol Expert. If I am not working on my race car, or spending time on my bass boat fishing them I am shooting at the range. I love shooting the USPSA. I have a CCW and never leave home without it. It's the best thing I think I have ever done for the safety of my wife and me. I carry a IWB for my G26 and an open carry XD40 under a jacket in the winter.
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Welcome to Glock Forum! What kind of race car do you have? I take it you shoot USPSA Production? If so, I do too! I use a Glock 34. What is your choice for USPSA?
I have an 84 Monte Carlos with a 406 sbc. For USPSA I have shot it with the .45 Kimber. But, I like shooting it better with a 9mm for less recoil and it's cheaper on the wallet.
9mm will definitely save you some $$! But I have to admit, the Kimber's are pretty darn accurate! Good luck in the competitions and on the track!
I agree without a doubt they are way more accurate. I have a buddy that reloads and so thankfully I have that on the cheap. Thanks and good luck to you.
Welcome, I am in Manassas VA!
Welcome to the Glock Forum !!
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