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Discussion in 'Conceal & Open Carry' started by always_strapped, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. always_strapped

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    Just took my class to carry and now have to wnt 2 1/2 weeks for my apt to send it off. Im thinking about just filling out the paper work my self. Which would be the and fastest way to do this?
  2. bhale187

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    I can't offer any help on this, as my state doesn't have ccw, but it would probably help to tell everyone what state you are in to allow people to better answer

  3. Happysniper1

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    He's from Florida.

    Any input from our fellow Members in FL?
  4. yes... I'm from the Tampa area... If you fill it out yourself you will be waiting 2+ months to get your CWP. I made the appointment and went to have them do it all and got my CWP in the mail 10 days later.
  5. always_strapped

    always_strapped New Member

    Wow 2 months. I just called and made a apt and the closest one they had was april4. Does it matter what office you go to? Or can you go to any one?
  6. That Im not sure about. Were are you located? The Tampa area has A LOT of gun shows so they are usually pretty booked. I had to waid 6 weeks as well to get in but getting it after that was fast.
  7. always_strapped

    always_strapped New Member

    Im going to the west palm beach office.
  8. voytek27

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    I went to WPB office on 3/8/12 and got my license in mail 3/24/12
    That was quick. Only in Florida
  9. Always strapped, You are better off waiting until the forth and going to the office.

    They will do electronic finger printing there and assist you with the application. If you fill it out yourself not only will it be a longer turn around time but for a lot of the fields you have to use specific codes or it will delay the application (Ex. Eye color has to be HZL for hazel).

    I've been to the WPB office twice this year for my D and G licenses and had a decent turn around time and they are very friendly up there.

    If you have any questions, I'm in the broward area and would be happy to help...

    In the mean time, even though you had the class... This down time is a great time for you to print out the FS 790 and read through them a bunch more times. High light the important statutes so they stand out when you are looking something up. In my opinion the most important part of carrying is being familiar with the law.
  10. Webphisher

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    Man Colorado has to wait 3 months to get theirs, still waiting on mine :(

    IMO go in and have them help you that way you don't goof up the app and have to wait even longer to get it.
  11. always_strapped

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    Thanks, yea I'm just gonna wait its right around the corner anyways and I'm sure I'd mess something up. At the class they told me to bring any and all info on any arrests I've had. I know when I had to do that before that there is one or two things on there that they can't find in their system ( nothing bad or felony ) . Should I just get whatever they show?
  12. Unfortunately I wouldn't know what to tell you on that aspect.