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Just started a job at glock

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Best freaking job ever....building glocks all day, yes please
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Best freaking job ever....building glocks all day, yes please
Do they allow photos from the production line? If so, I'd love to see them!
Welcome to the Glock Forum MattA !!

So, give us the whole did you wind up at Glock ?!

Are you a gunsmith by trade...any involvement with the gun industry before going to Glock for a job ?!
I can see a new special forum: Ask MattA!

Congrats and welcome!
I don't think i would mind that job at all!
I happen to know someone who was able to get me in. Other then handing my own guns I haven't had all that much experience. I wish I could take pics but no camreas or recording equipment is aloud. :/ pretty simple job for the most part...putting together firing pins recoil springs putting slides together as well as all parts of the stock. Triggers mag catch slide lock ect. Catching the rounds shipped with you guns and cleaning/ inspecting them. Pretty badass job if you love playing with glocks all day... dream job for me, another perk is whole sale discounts on everything encluding two pistols at half price a year. ; ) second heaven
Its my job to know these guns top to bottom inside and out. Which doesn't take long as there are only 33 parts to a glock.
Nice, send us Glock swag!
I'll buy your unwanted Glock half the price! Lolz :D
And if the politicians don't get stupid, you're in a recession-proof industry right now. Ain't nothing like job security.

Sounds to me like you've already died and went to heaven,:D
I'd love to have a job at Glock when I retire but living in the Atlanta area would be a HUGE downside to it.
So heres the big question, does Glock allow carry in the factory?
Nope you can only bring your firearm in to be worked on in the waranty department. You are however aloud to keep them in your car on the job site.
"...another perk is whole sale discounts on everything including two pistols at half price a year..."

1 - 20 of 105 Posts
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