Just signed up for NRA's free firearms insurance

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  1. The NRA uses Lloyd's of London to back member's firearms insurance.

    Just signed up for the benefit (got my renewal package in the mail today), and noticed Lloyd's listed on the mailer as the NRA's firearms loss/theft/damage insurer.

    Wonder if it's because Lloyd's put in a better coverage bid, or that American insurers don't want to cover firearms for some reason or another.

    For those not familiar, the NRA offers a zero cost $2500 coverage against loss, theft, or damage to your firearms. You only need to provide info about your firearm when you need to file a claim. Free fits my budget, so I signed up :)
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    Nice I will have to look this up!!!

  3. It's something that's in the fine print. Just because you buy into the NRA, you don't automatically get the insurance. You have to activate the free coverage.
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    I signed up for my free NRA firearms insurance last week as well. A nice benefit that comes with your $25 a year membership.
  6. Yes, really can't beat it. Even better, if you sign up for the coverage on their website, you can increase the amount of coverage. Though you will have to pay for the extra coverage, it's not expensive. So, for $25 you get a $2500 policy on your firearms, and they throw in a free NRA membership to boot lol :)