Just seeing if there are any atheists in the forum?

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  1. Yes I am an atheist. I do not bad mouth any religions, unless attacked first! It's always funny when the subject comes up and I say that I am an atheist. The look on peoples faces, it's like I killed someone.
  2. As a Christian, I don't agree with the people who see that youre an athiest, and automatically start attacking you..... It just doesnt make sense, ya know, you can have your opinions, and I can have mine, we dont need to fight right? lol

  3. Very true. You wouldn't know until you ask me. I'm a very likeable guy! :). I get along with everybody. Like you said everybody has their own opinions!!!
  4. Agnostic... Not sure if I'm borderline atheist or not. So many faith systems that have so much to offer, I only get involved in debates when a fundie starts running their mouth... I hate ignorance and don't respect those who negate the views of others only because they disagree.

    While there may seem to be a little hypocrisy there, not in my view: I stand up for all people and stand against those who would oppress anybody.

    I don't oppress ignorant *******s, but I definitely lose all respect and devalue their worth to society and hope Darwin is paying close attention and makes things right.
  5. Everybody has there own views. I hate when people try to force their own views on to you with no real knowledge of what they are talking about. I try not to argue with those people, but unfortunately there are idiots out there!! Thank you for your opinions. Opinions are always welcomed!!!
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    On most days I'm an atheist. Deism makes some sense.
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    Good one 8).
    Most of my family wears the magic underwear.:confused:
    Bless their hearts.
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    I'm agnostic with a belief in creationism... If that makes any sense. I just don't believe we have enough information to really decide, but all the Bibles were put together by man. I do still believe they there is intelligent design.
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  10. I dont believe in an almighty creator but I believe in having faith in humans to do the right thing... what does that make me?

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    Are you rich and insane? Answer that question then use my flowchart. ;)
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    Visualize a Sunday morning knock at the door. When you open it, there are two clean cut fellows in nothing but trench coats, socks and dress shoes, carrying bibles...
  13. Well... using said chart... Im athiest. Im certainly no Sceintologist although I live close to their headquarters... maybe I need to switch over. Will zombie Ammo work on aliens? lol

    Technically I was raised Jewish but I freaking love bacon... Im a mess on that chart.
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    Atheist here.

    Well, Atheist-agnostic.

    Theism/Atheism describes a position on belief in god(s)
    gnosticism/agnosticism describes a position on intellectual or spiritual knowledge regarding the existence or nonexistence of gods.

    It's not a spectrum of Theism - Agnosticism - Atheism; it's 4 quandrants:

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    I'm an agnostic.

    Oh, and I've had people come to my door to "witness" to me. It was amusing. They left quickly and of their own accord.
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    Yes, that is extremely annoying to have persistent "witnessers" at your door.

    This is my solution, and I have used it a number of times:


    "Good Morning Sir, My name is (fill in the blank) frrom (fill in the blank) church, and I was wondering if you have some time."

    Actually, no, I am very busy right now, but I would like to invite you back around 5PM today, if you could. We have a Devil Worship Service, and I would like to invite you and your friends.

    *It works, and I have never seen them come back to my door (although I often see them saturate the neighborhood, they leave my house alone :D)
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    I don't believe in atheists... does that count?
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    Nice. While definitely questionable, I think it would be funny to have my Kriss slung and OC with my Glock and ask them about gun rights. (I wouldn't, last thing I need is the police asking questions and more mormons coming to my house to save me):)

    I'm Christian, but have been Bible bashed even by my own team. I feel like yelling, "Same team Farva!!!!". I think that if you are athiest and want to talk to me in a civil conversation, then cool. If not I am not going to threaten and force you to believe. I am in California so I get a lot of the opposite here as well as political and other religious views that differ from mine. Just leave me alone so I can teach my kids without the Government and others forcing me to listen to them and accept them while they refuse to listen to me and my reasons.

    Those who have been Bible bashed, sorry. Not all Christans are like them. Athiests have their own beliefs and thoughts and that is cool, I'd rather show you my faith if you are interested than force feeding it. Next time a JW or Mormon comes by I'll have to mess with them as they take a conversation that has been ended and try to keep going. I'll be civil, but be annoying and I'll push back. My father in law is an intelligent man who scares off the doorbell ringers by bringing up historical facts like the mountain meadow massacre....
  19. I love to have great and non threatening conversations! Everybody can believe what they want. Just don't push it on me. You can always have great debates on if god exists or not!!! I just dislike the people when you try to have a conversation that get mad that I don't believe!