Just seeded my berm

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    The berm and business end of my range with fresh hydroseed.


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  3. The original berm was in desperate need of repair. I've been shooting at it since 1981 with only minor maintenance. This year I totally rebuilt it and had the opportunity to have it hydroseeded. Seeded it today and should have grass up in 5-7 days! Which is good because I have to teach the pd firearms qual on the 25th.
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    Looks good...how high is the berm and what lies beyond ?

    Looks like a wooded incline to a ridge...which is how high ?

    Also curious to know one more thing...in your experience

    as a RO, how often do the PD's in your area qualify ?!

    Once a year, once every six months...
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    So, don't mind my ignorance, but what is hydroseed?
  6. Berm is 10' and the sides taper down to ground at ~30yds out on the right, less on the left. Behind the berm is a mountain, no structure or cleared land for 2-2.5 miles. Elevation rise behind the berm is roughly 200' immediate, then tapers up hill. I'm at about 965' and the mountain peaks at about 1600' give or take.

    I'm the lead firearms instructor at our pd, and I qual everyone 3 times a year minimum. One of those is a State mandated standard handgun qual. The other two are dynamic, tactical, and defensive scenario situations. I also do additional training shoots every two months or more as needed.

    Other agencies in our area qual at least once a year as required by the State. There are some that do more for their officers in addition to any tac team training.

    I allow any LEO or agencies use of the range. We also do physical training here as well.
  7. They fill a tank up with water, put in a pre made mulch/fertilizer and grass seed. There is an agitator in the tank that mixes it. The "slurry" is shot out of a cannon and when the seed hits it's already coated and ready to germinate. Expensive but you get guaranteed grass without worry of birds or wind taking half the seed. And it comes up fast.
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    That's pretty awesome!
  9. Yeah. It's typically used for utility and excavation cleanup. After a water line is buried next to a road, you can have grass growing in the ditch line in a week. This helps with erosion issues as well as ascetics.
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    Thanks for the answer...

    BTW...real nice setup !!
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    I am always jealous of people with easy access to an organized shooting area (I need to drive 26 miles one way to the County Shooting Range, or out into the desert), and am especially jealous of greenery (live in the High Desert, so everything is a rocky, boring brown...kinda like Afghanistan, I would imagine).

    Nice job there. Post more pics then the grass comes up!

    Funny title to your thread....read it aloud ten times really fast, and you'll see what I mean (sorry, couldn't help it!) :D
  12. Haha, I never saw it. I'll put up some pics when the grass is growing.
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    Being from WV, i really havent cone to grips with how good i have it when i can walk into my backyard or go to my dads 3 miles away and shoot all day long without worrying about anything. Same at the in-laws. My verdict, you guys to move to WV. :)