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  1. I figured by now all of you have heard about this story. I just felt the need to vent about it on here. Just sad.

    ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) - The family of a 17-year-old African-American boy shot to death last month in his gated Florida community by a white Neighborhood Watch captain wants to see the captain arrested, the family's lawyer said on Wednesday. Trayvon Martin was shot dead after he took a break from watching NBA All-Star game television coverage to walk 10 minutes to a convenience store to buy snacks including Skittles candy requested by his 13-year-old brother, Chad, the family's lawyer Ben Crump said.
    "He was a good kid," Crump said in an interview, adding that the family would issue a call for the Watch captain's arrest at a news conference on Thursday. "On his way home, a Neighborhood Watch loose cannon shot and killed him."
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    Trayvon, who lived in Miami with his mother, had been visiting his father and stepmother in a gated townhome community called The Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford, 20 miles north of Orlando.
    As Trayvon returned to the townhome, Sanford police received a 911 call reporting a suspicious person.
    Although names are blacked out on the police report, Crump and media reports at the time of the shooting identified the caller as George Zimmerman who is listed in the community's newsletter as the Neighborhood Watch captain.
    Without waiting for police to arrive, Crump said, Zimmerman confronted Trayvon, who was on the sidewalk near his home. By the time police got there, Trayvon was dead of a single gunshot to the chest.
    "What do the police find in his pocket? Skittles," Crump said. "A can of Arizona ice tea in his jacket pocket and Skittles in his front pocket for his brother Chad."
    Zimmerman could not be reached for comment on Wednesday evening at a phone number listed for him on the community's newsletter.
    Crump said the family was concerned that police might decide to consider the shooting as self defense, and that police have ignored the family's request for a copy of the original 911 call, which they think will shed light on the incidents.
    "If the 911 protocol across the country held to form here, they told him not to get involved. He disobeyed that order," said Ryan Julison, a spokesman for the family.
    "He (Zimmerman) didn't have to get out of his car," said Crump, who has prepared a public records lawsuit to file on Thursday if the family doesn't get the 911 tape. "If he never gets out of his car, there is no reason for self-defense. Trayvon only has skittles. He has the gun."
    Since Trayvon, a high school junior who wanted to be a pilot, was black and Zimmerman is white, Crump said race is "the 600 pound elephant in the room."
    "Why is this kid suspicious in the first place? I think a stereotype must have been placed on the kid," Crump said.
    (Editing By Cynthia Johnston and Peter Bohan)


    Like I said I read about this story days ago. In one of the articles it said something about this guy having a CCW. I hope he didn't. Its things like this that give anti gun people the fuel they need to try to get their weak beliefs across.
    This guy should pay for his actions, but he wont cause their is no proof that his life wasn't in danger. A good student who was bright and had no record or history of any thing is gone because of some retarded jack ass!
    So sorry kid, Ill prey for you and your family. I hope your killer answers for his actions soon.

    Im done
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    I know it would be brought up anyways if he did have a CCW, but if he was on the job, then the CCW should have nothing to do with it. Unless he doesn't normally carry for his job, the CCW shouldn't even be mentioned in a court issue. To me it is irrelevant to the situation.

  3. Yeah, I don't know if it will or wont. That was a article that had it in there that I can't find for some reason. If he didn't have a CCW then the ass hole should have never had a gun on him in the first place. I hope like hell he goes to jail for the rest of his life but I don't think this family will get justice.
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    There are just many details that are missing, it's hard to take a stance on this honestly. And why does race ALWAYS come into the picture when it is a white person shooting a black person? I know it is sometimes the case, and that is sad, but as long as we keep bringing out the race card every time there is any interaction between different races, racism will continue.
  5. I kind of agree with you on that. The race card does get played too easy. I hope this guy didn't shoot this kid because he was black. If he did I hope he burns in hell. I think the reason they are bringing it up is because people seen him and started calling the police just because he was black. Color of skin shouldn't have anything to do with it. But that gated community saw a young black kid and started to freak out not knowing that he was a good kid. He was far from a low life. That guy should have remained in his car and waited for the cops. The only reason in my opinion he had to confront the guy is if the kid was doing something wrong in plain sight. He isn't a cop so he should stand down.

    Here is St.Louis last year a community on the south side which was mainly white was shocked to find out that all the home invasions that where happening to them were being down by a guy that lived down the street from everyone that was white.
    All while they were focused on blacks passing through the neighborhood. Wake up people color has nothing to do with it.
  6. it has always been my understanding that Neighbor Hood watch members were not allowed to carry fire arms nor are not allowed to make contact just observe and contact LEO's
  7. That is exactly what I thought.
    Had he followed that it would have just been a misunderstanding and the kid would still be alive right now.
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    So he wasn't a paid security patrol? That's what I took it as, but then again, I forget how some neighborhoods have a watch group if neighbors..
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    Honestly, there still isn't enough info given in this news report. I hate the media nowadays. I think its dumb that this guy shot an unarmed kid, he should have followed the Police officer's directives. On the other hand, they bring up him pulling his father out of a burning building? How in the world is that relevant? The news station painted a story that wasn't there by providing irrelevant facts. Apparently (shown by the six 911 calls) there was a fight. Once again, the man should never have approached or fired a shot at an unarmed individual, but we do not know all of the facts. The news station acts as if they do. Tell the story as it is without embellishing it. An idiot shot a young kid who was walking through his neighborhood, that is all we know. Also, what are the Police doing? They need to investigate further, and if necessary take this guy to court. If it was driven by the fact that the kid was black walking through his gated community then he needs to be charged with 1st degree murder and a hate crime.
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    Speaking of SAD. Just seen on the new here in Emporia Kansas 45 miles a way in Topeka last night 2 black guys kicked in a door and took a 9 year old girl from her house while both of her parents were there took her to a field beat and raped her than killed her!!

    This is why we all need to be ready at all times! My wife don't understand why I wear My side arm around the house until I go to bed. THIS IS WHY I DO WHAT I DO!!! My guard is always up!! Is yours??? This world is unpredictable be ready at all times or be sorry.
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    Unfortunately this is the liberal media painting the anti-gun picture they want the rest of the liberal sheep to believe.

    I'm not saying there's not a tragedy here but I agree that there is way to much left out of this story and why the burning building thing? If that's not bolstering I don't know what is....
  12. I dont blame you one bit. I do the exact same thing with my gun. lol

    But I do have one quick question. Did you mean to throw the fact that they were black guys that did this in that story or did you do that with out even thinking about it?
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    Just telling the story. To me color isn't an issue!!
  14. Ok I gotcha
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    Now thats sad as ****. Dudes deserve to be castrated.
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    Neighborhood Watch is not a job. It's voluntary.
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    The first video makes me think, hmnn, there might be more to this story. The second video convinces me that self-righteous idiot people should never be allowed in front of a camera.

    If a community is concerned enough about security/privacy to have a gate, it's too bad they didn't have a couple of video surveillance cameras, too.

    If a witness doesn't come forward, Zimmerman has bruising on himself and the kid has powder burns on him to the front of his body, well, there's a chance that jerk-off will pull off the perfect crime.
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    This tape pretty much clears the issue up for me. The kid is yelling help as if he is in great pain, and then he still shoots him...