just ordered this today!

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by Ghost23, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Ghost23

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    Anyone have any experience with this system?

  2. Ghost23

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    Minus the laptop (Kathryn's) and the Ghost set I just ordered, this so far is everything that I have installed in my Glock 23 gen4.

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  4. glocknloaded

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    I haven't tried it yet but I am interested to hear how you like it
  5. Brandan86

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    great things for good prices, I want to pick up a Armorers tool, and mat. I also want a extended slide lock
  6. Ghost23

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    I love them all. The extended slide release helps a lot since I'm a lefty. I can just hit it with my index finger.
  7. I installed a Ghost 3.5 Ultimate connector, 6lb trigger spring, 4lb striker spring and reduced power plunger spring and my trigger felt GREAT! Light, smooth and crisp, but I had to remove the 4lb striker spring and reinstall the factory striker spring due to light primer strikes. Trigger is still smooth and crisp with no over travel, but not as light. Still feels great though! Try it out! You'll love it!
  8. Ghost23

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    Is there anything else you could do to prevent light strikes?
  9. Tape

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    I have the same on my 21sf plus a lone wolf 45super barrel and a ss recoil system, 29, the glock disassembly tool came with the ghost trigger kit.
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  11. Ghost23

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    Yeah it helped. It'll be for both, honestly. I just did a 25 cent trigger job with some Mothers chrome polish and that helped take a good bit of the spongy-ness out of the trigger. I'm excited to feel how the break is on it once I install the springs and connector.
  12. zipper046

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    Light strikes usually caused by one of three things:

    1) imcorrect pairing of striker spring and recoil spring. Install stock striker spring. If you eant clip 1 or 2 coils, will help lighten trigger pull.

    2) broken striker tip. This happens, check amd make sure its not chipped or broken at tip.
    Some aftermarket ones have had issues.

    3) if running reloads, make sure primers are fully seated. Should be seated slightly below the rear face of the case. If not the strike will simply fully seat the primer and it wont go off unless you rechamber the round and try it a 2nd time.

    Could also make sure your striker tube is clean and striker isn't hanging up.

    Hope this helps.
  13. Ghost23

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    Thanks. I haven't had any light strikes, just in the even that I do, I'll know what to look for.
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  15. BabaaBooey

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    Just ordered the ghost 3.5 connector bar only. Excited to install it. Ive watched some utube vids on it and understand it doesnt make it much lighter but smoother and crisper. Sounds good! Anyone else like just the bar itself without any springs? Again, im not looking for a light trigger just a smoother pull for tighter groups.
  16. iGlock

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    I bought just the bar myself and it does give it a crispier pull, i like it.
  17. dwsjr50

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    Installed the Ghost 3.5 trigger kit with 6 lb trigger spring. I left the stock fire pin spring in. I dry fired and found the pull to be lighter and smooth. Sunday i will test at the range.
  18. BabaaBooey

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    I installed the ghost connector...shot 100 rnds at the range last night. Shot really well...not a huge difference but definately smooth. Put a drop of oil on the trigger area.
  19. kurtisguy

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    I have the ghost rocket setup on my gen 4 26 and love it