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Argggh! I lost everything I had typed, lets try again:

I have been playin-er, I mean "evaluating" my Remora holster for over a week now. At first I didn't care for it, and had emailed Alan about sending it back. I decided to try it, and am happy I kept it. I have been wearing it around the house in my jeans and sweat pants, and last night I even slept with it in my waistband. WHAT?! :eek: I am happy to report no concerns. I slept fine, and I only woke up once when I was laying on my right side(Remora at 3 o'clock), but fell back asleep(Due to an illness I only sleep a few hours in my bed, then I move to the couch. Remora stayed with me).
It works well in my Paladin Mission Go Bag, fits in one of the pockets just right, I can reach in and pull out just my G30, holster stays in. I'll have to take some pictures. Here is a picture from the Paladin website:

The only thing I would change is maybe a regular Remora, and not the RFT--maybe. At the range yesterday I was happy to have the RFT. For the price the Remora is an excellent buy, in my opinion.

There is also the "Sticky Holster", which has some different options then the Remora Holster. If I had the money I would order one and try it, see how it works. I imagine it would be the same, but you never know. :)
They do have the "Sticky Burrito", which I think is cool-
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