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Just ordered a remora holster for g19 anyone familiar with it?

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Just ordered a remora holster for g19 anyone familiar with it? I got it for when in short and or sweat pants. I got it because of reviews on the no clip stay putness of it.. But should have asked here before order also got 2 iwb remora mag pouches and 2 falco IWB mag pouches... Well will post pics when I get with a quick review after a few days of use...
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I bought one recently. I like it okay but...wait, no I don't. I like the way it holds the gun securely. The guy at the shop where I bought it locally said it stays where you put it. Well, he is right about that, it doesn't move. The Remora is sort of sticky, which is what keeps it put. What I don't like about it is the bulk it adds to IWB. The material is pretty thick so it bulks you up quite a bit. Also, I went one size down from what he suggested and I like the fit better. I have a G19 gen4 and I chose the #8 size. He suggested the next size up but I thought it swallowed the gun too deeply. I am glad I got it though, it jams in between the seat and the console of my truck and DOES NOT MOVE. Plus, I can just grab it on the spur-of-the-moment and shove it in my waistband, jump out of the truck and go. That I do like. The only thing I dislike it the bulkiness due to the thick material. I'll see if I can go to the app on my phone and post a pic of the gun in it so you can get an idea of how the 19 looks in a #8 size..
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Here is my G19 gen4 in a Remora #8

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I have one for my Glock 22 and I like it a lot. I got the reinforced top so it allows for one handed reholstering. It does stay exactly where you put it.
Sticky is good so that is one point that was important for me. As far as the added puff I would think in sweats or shorts NBD right? Will check it I do not remember the number I got????
I got the regular 10 iwb should have gotten rt rtf but did not read enough. We will see worst case will call and exchange it. I have heard they have great customer service. So we will put to test...
I have a couple of Sticky holsters, the same style, and they work fine for what they are. I use one for IWB and the thing will not move, it keeps the gun secure. My wife carries her carry gun in one too and loves the fact she can move it around from IWB to her desk at work and back to IWB in seconds. I would love it if it had an extension or shield for the grip of my 1911.
Ive been carrying my gen4 22 in a remora for a little while now. It does what its supposed to. Went for hikes with it and it doesnt move. Very good holster for the price. I do want to try a white hat next though. But this keeps the full size 22 concealed pretty well.
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I have one for my Gen4 27. Works great, stays in place. It always comes in handiest of my holsters for when you are in a hurry. Easy on, easy off.
I just got mine in yesterday and I like it, will be using it mainly when in shorts or with untucked shirts. I prefer my white hat for tucked ( less of a bump)and ease to pull shirt out to get to gun. I did call Alan at remora and informed him that I meant to order the series 10 ART and offered to send the one I got back at my expense of course. He was awesome! Told me to keep the one I bought and that he would ship me the ART free, so I could hang on to the 10 and either give it to someone or keep it! That was awesome customer service. I also had ordered 2 remora single mag pouches they are great, but I feel not for tuck I tried pulling out my shirt to get to mag and mag almost fell out pouch and all so best if used untuck or tucked with mag exposed.... The holsters do as they say, very sticky and awesome great for shorts or sweats with no belt in AZ with T-shirt, used yesterday all day while in PJ's with draw string with my G17G4 with ltg. Remora swallowed it whole and stayed in place! Still waiting on falco IWB mag pouches we will see if they compliment white hat for tucked in and ease of use.... I can still use remora mag pouch in pocket and works great, keeps the lint out of the hollow and in shorts or sweats with no belt in AZ with T-shirt ....
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Argggh! I lost everything I had typed, lets try again:

I have been playin-er, I mean "evaluating" my Remora holster for over a week now. At first I didn't care for it, and had emailed Alan about sending it back. I decided to try it, and am happy I kept it. I have been wearing it around the house in my jeans and sweat pants, and last night I even slept with it in my waistband. WHAT?! :eek: I am happy to report no concerns. I slept fine, and I only woke up once when I was laying on my right side(Remora at 3 o'clock), but fell back asleep(Due to an illness I only sleep a few hours in my bed, then I move to the couch. Remora stayed with me).
It works well in my Paladin Mission Go Bag, fits in one of the pockets just right, I can reach in and pull out just my G30, holster stays in. I'll have to take some pictures. Here is a picture from the Paladin website:

The only thing I would change is maybe a regular Remora, and not the RFT--maybe. At the range yesterday I was happy to have the RFT. For the price the Remora is an excellent buy, in my opinion.

There is also the "Sticky Holster", which has some different options then the Remora Holster. If I had the money I would order one and try it, see how it works. I imagine it would be the same, but you never know. :)
They do have the "Sticky Burrito", which I think is cool-
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