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Just joined from Illinois

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And I am the exception in that i actually have an Illinois concealed carry permit.

Did the Army thing right out of high school, spent thirty-two months in Vietnam as a helicopter gunship crew chief door gunner like the one in my avatar. Came home, became a cop, did that for eighteen years. I was chief of a small Illinois department and bored out of my skull, so i paid two years of military time into the police pension fund and at age 40, went back on active duty with the Army. Transistioned to Blackhawks and decided to re-qualify Infantry and did so and in 1997, as the 1st Sgt of a light Infantry company, I broke my back in a training accident. Just under two yars later, after a series of surgeries (Look! I can walk again!) they medically retired me. I then worked for the Fed government as a military history researcher until I got fed up with the management of my agency (Veterans Affairs) and retired again.

Now my wife and I travel the country to see things we have never seen before.

I am a prepper, I believe some serious hard times are already on us and going to get much worse. I have had a bunch of Glocks over the years, 17,19 and 26 and also 30 and 36. I also have a Kel Tec Sub2000K which is the Glock 17 model and my truck gun, besides the usual zombie destroying arsenal of shoulder fired 5.56 and 12 gauge neat things.

I am deeply committed to fight in getting concealed carry passed in Illinois and I think this is our (legislative) year.
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