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DevilDawg235 said:
I'd have to say it had to be the most scariest thing I've ever been involved in...

About 12:20am I step outside for a smoke and 2 minutes in, I notice a guy pass by on a bike. He then turned back not noticing me standing on the side of the house and starts looking into one of my cars. I quickly run back in and grab my Glock. As I chambered it, my gf wakes up and asks *** is up, I told her to get dressed, call the cops and come outside.

I noticed the scumback trying to pull on the door handles and looking inside. Thats when I yelled to stop right there or I'll shoot. I continued yelling louder and louder in an attempt to alert my neighbors, which it did. My next door neighbor came out with a 12 ga and quickly noticed it was me. We both held the bg on gun point until Orlando Police showed up and we immediately put our weapons on the ground and raised our hands. At the same time notifying them of who was the bg. After everyone was in cuffs, including me & my neighbor, they were able to get everyone's side of the story.

We got released with a hand shake and given our weapons back. I say as tired as I was and wanting to go to sleep, I dont think the adrenaline will let me. For anyone that has ever had to draw on someone, I salute you, it is frightening!

For those who have not experience this. I hope you never ever do.
Nice Work DevilDawg & healthy thinking at 12:20 am

IBwar15 glad your situation did not get worst, seems like it could have quickly.
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