Just had to draw my weapon...

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    I'd have to say it had to be the most scariest thing I've ever been involved in...

    About 12:20am I step outside for a smoke and 2 minutes in, I notice a guy pass by on a bike. He then turned back not noticing me standing on the side of the house and starts looking into one of my cars. I quickly run back in and grab my Glock. As I chambered it, my gf wakes up and asks *** is up, I told her to get dressed, call the cops and come outside.

    I noticed the scumback trying to pull on the door handles and looking inside. Thats when I yelled to stop right there or I'll shoot. I continued yelling louder and louder in an attempt to alert my neighbors, which it did. My next door neighbor came out with a 12 ga and quickly noticed it was me. We both held the bg on gun point until Orlando Police showed up and we immediately put our weapons on the ground and raised our hands. At the same time notifying them of who was the bg. After everyone was in cuffs, including me & my neighbor, they were able to get everyone's side of the story.

    We got released with a hand shake and given our weapons back. I say as tired as I was and wanting to go to sleep, I dont think the adrenaline will let me. For anyone that has ever had to draw on someone, I salute you, it is frightening!

    For those who have not experience this. I hope you never ever do.
  2. havasu

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    Good job for keeping your senses Dawg!

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    I have never had to draw my weapon, and I hope I never do. I have how ever had my car broke into and good on you for catching that scum bag. I can't stand a thief. I'm glad you didn't have to shoot but just as glad to hear that he was taken away in hand cuffs.

    I hope this is the last time you have to draw your weapon. Thank God you didn't have to shoot, but I think you handled it well
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    Scary stuff, glad everything worked out and the bad guy is going to jail! Had someone break in my pole building a few years ago, and try to steal my ATV. I held him a gunpoint until the sheriff arrived, so I know your going through.

    ROYALE-W-CHEESE New Member

    I can only imagine the thousands of thoughts flashing through your head as the adrenaline rushed through you. Good on you and your neighbor.

    As an aside, it's so interesting to me how FL (and other states not mine!) allow its citizens to defend property. I shake my head wondering what a jam I'd be in here had that happened to me and having no power to draw.
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    I had to draw mine about 2 months ago. My wife was driving to Walmart and I was riding with her (she likes to drive). We was in the turning lain when the light turned green. She did not even have time to push the gas and the car behind us started blowing the horn. My wife blew her horn back and looked in the rear view merrier. She screamed they have a gun. I looked up and saw 2 african American men one which was waving a gun. I grabbed my XD45 and rolled down my window as they pulled up beside us. Before they got up to us I told my wife to get down as I reached over and steered the car into the back of Walmart parking lot away from everybody. They followed us (at this point I was expecting some shooting to take place) my wife grabbed her phone and called the cops while remaining in the floor. As they started to come up beside me i reviled my XD that they have not seen yet. I pointed it at them, they did the smart thing and took off. When the cops got there I happened to know one of them. They took my gun and ID and my Ltc. I waited in the back of the cop car telling them what happened as another officer ran my information. They gave me my gun id and Ltc back took the description of the car and radioed for other officers to be on the look out. Told me and my wife to have an nice day and that they would call if they needed any thing or if they arrested them. I have not heard from anyone about it since then.
  7. G-23

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    I am so happy it worked out for you and that the scumbag was dum enough to stay put until the LEO's arrived. But my guess is, "You really couldn't have shot him had he just gotten on his bike and rode away without escalating the threat, right?" B/E, burglary, isn't a forceable felony is it?

    I know very little about Fl. law tho some of ours (SC) are similar. I am pointing this out soley to differentiate between a minor offense (as attempted bugarly at that point you really don't know his intent (but you think youdo)) and a fear for life situation.
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    Nice Work DevilDawg & healthy thinking at 12:20 am

    IBwar15 glad your situation did not get worst, seems like it could have quickly.
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  9. I live in FL & you're right, he couldn't have shot him in defense of property without facing charges himself...especially post Trayvon Martin case. While I'm glad the bad guy was prevented from committing a crime, it could have turned out badly for the property owner had he fired.
  10. singyourdeathsong

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    To clarify a bit, i dont think intent was to use his weapon as much as it was a deterrent for stopping the pending crime. Had the bg turned hostile and presented a weapon he would have been prepared. I would never confront a potential criminal unarmed regardless of a weapon being present or not. I'm sure everyone understands this but I wanted to stress that point.
  11. rickjames

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    Good job DevilDawg, Adrenaline can sure leave shaken up for a little while.
  12. I understand what his intent was, but as we all know adrenaline mixed with fear and early morning darkness can SOMETIMES lead an otherwise law abiding citizen to find themselves on the other side of the law. And as I said before, given the post Trayvon Martin world we Floridian gun owners find ourselves living in, you never know how a DA may choose to interpret the aforementioned scenario. THAT was my point.
  13. I fully understand what the man is talking about...lol
  14. rickjames

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    Ahhh....wasn't on board there, let me write that one down..........done
    ;-) haha
  15. DevilDawg235

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    I would've not taken a shot... I just intimidated him by yelling and insulting him. After all was done, he appeared to be a drug user in his 50's. I'm pretty sure he crapped himself more than we did.
  16. singyourdeathsong

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    I agree to some extent, but if you carry a gun and doubt how you will react during an adrenaline rush or limited visibility, turn in your ccw. I'm not saying we should all know how we react, but we should 100% be confident that we can make a responsible decision and use appropriate force. If you are not confident, stay inside and call the police, hopefully they will be
  17. DevilDawg235

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    He was not an immediate threat to my person. He just wanted to maybe take things from the car. The guy was a least 15-20 feet away from me.

    At no point in time my life felt threatened. If it did, believe me, outstanding marksmansahip would've been excecuted.