Just got Pearce extensions, disappointed...

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by digital0ne, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. digital0ne

    digital0ne New Member

    So I just got two Pearce "GLOCK SUB-COMPACT PLUS EXTENSION XL" for my Glock 26 standard clips.

    Both advertise that for the 26, they add +3.

    Getting them installed sucked, and I brought back some swear words I haven't used since fire academy.

    The problem now is that I am only getting +2 out of the extensions. I can fit a 13th round in the mag, but using the EZ loader plastic thing, I had to push down so hard I cracked the top....

    Any one else having this issue? Or am I just stuck using 12 round clips?

  2. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    Are the magazines new? Perhaps the spring hasn't broken in yet?

    I had the +2s on all my '26 magazines, never the +3s though.

  3. david1962hd

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    I'm not sure if it will help you now that you have it installed but, I know it will to keep your mags clean.
    Get the GTUL mag cleaning tool.
    As your loading your mag say like around the 6th round slap the mag down on your hand 3,4 or 5 times load a few more and do it again until you get a full mag.
    Just a thought anyways.
  4. Why do people have such a hard time swapping floor plates on Glock magazines? I can almost do it one handed. The trick is to push the spacer plate way past the rim of the magazine so you can actually squeeze on the sides of the magazine and the floor plate slides right off. I've seen people use channel locks, vises and I'm like ***?

    Never used the +3's, used plenty of 2's
  5. What part numbers are on the ones you received? You may have gotten shipped the wrong ones. +2's are pn# PG-2733 and the +3's are pn# PG-39.
  6. G-23

    G-23 Premium Member

    + 2 is bad enough but +3?

    Get the GLOCK + Floor Plates and a longer spring for each set. You'll get + 2 extra rounds and they will feed.

    Without the longer spring you're doomed to failures when you get to the last half of the mag capacity.

    Or you could just get some G19 mags.
  7. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    First time I did mine, I got so frustrated that I put a C-clamp on the magazine tube....big mistake. Bent the metal liner.

    Learned my lesson. Another lesson learned: don't use a pinpunch; you want to use something with a real handle on it (like a 1/4" or so stubby screwdriver).
  8. Cruizer

    Cruizer G17 G19

    When I first got my G26 I wanted to clean up the mags and I swear I thought the baseplates were welded on, they were that tight on there.
  9. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

  10. I experienced that the first go around on my 27. Lesson learned.
  11. digital0ne

    digital0ne New Member

    Very New. Purchased March 1, maybe 100 rounds through each.

    Did not know this, I will give it a try when the new speed loaders get here this week.

    GTul is on my list but not ordered yet. And getting the plate down too far makes it go vertical. Rookie mistake.

    Thanks for the advice, I will look into both.

    Thanks everyone for the advice, once my CCL gets here in the mail I'll start experimenting with what works the best. Until then, I try not to break anything.

  12. The only way to learn sometimes is to crash and burn. Best and easiest way to get the mag floor plate off in my opinion, is with this tool: https://www.glockforum.com/forum/f11/gtul-glock-mag-cleaning-tool-292/

    Just make sure you get the right one for your caliber cause midway has them all so: http://www.midwayusa.com/find?userSearchQuery=glock+mag+cleaning+kit
  13. deathadder5150

    deathadder5150 New Member

    I highly recommend the "Xgrip" for the Glock 26. You can use the standard 10 round magazine for concealment but slam in a full size magazine if needed. Makes the grip flawless and feel good in your hand. I'm sure there are other companies out there but nothing beats having a full size magazine in your conceal carry piece.
  14. kcjohnnyboy

    kcjohnnyboy New Member

    i have the same issue digitalone. i have both the pearce 2733 and pearce pg-g4+, 2 and 3-round mag extensions. i could only add one round in the 2 round extension and 2 rounds in the 3 round extension. the last round almost seemed impossible to get in, unless they were false advertising and counting the one in the chamber as an extra round to the total?
  15. officerX

    officerX Well-Known Member Supporter

    What caliber are you using these for?

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  16. pfultz

    pfultz Member

    Get the magazine sleeves from glockstore.com and then Use the G19 15 round mags.

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  17. tray2011

    tray2011 New Member

    Absolutely hated installing my +0 Pearce extensions, they get easier after the first time though