Just bought my first Glock!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by jimmyalbrecht, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. jimmyalbrecht

    jimmyalbrecht Glockn Rollin

    Hey guys, my name is Jimmy, and I just my first gun, a Glock 23. I absolutely LOVE this gun.
  2. Welcome to the addiction! You have made a wise choice in firearms, no matter what those other ::cough 1911 cough:: guys say!!

  3. KeenansGarage

    KeenansGarage Hiding in plain sight....

    Congrats! Welcome to the Glock Forum!
  4. havasu

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    Welcome Jimmy!
  5. iRockGlock

    iRockGlock Well-Known Member

    Congrtz on your new Glock!
  6. jimmyalbrecht

    jimmyalbrecht Glockn Rollin

    Yeah haha, I chose the Glock over a 1911 for my first gun purchase. 1911s are pretty and all, but the Glock is just rock solid and reliable.
  7. VCMike

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    Welcome to the forum!!!
  8. Wade

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    Congrats. Like you, I just bought my first Glock, also a 23.
  9. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum !!