Just bought a Serpa for my 23

Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by jimmyalbrecht, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. jimmyalbrecht

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    Man, I love this holster. It is awesome, and I like the level II retention system and how seamlessly it releases when you grip the pistol correctly for a draw. It forces you to take a correct grip.



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    I use the serpa for my 23 to. You either live it or hate it. I happen to love it. Congrats man

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    Thanks man, I had been eyeballing it for a while, and I made the mistake of trying it on today at the LGS. Needless to say, I walked out the door with it haha. I wore it around town tonight, and it was super comfortable with the belt attachment. Now I'm using the paddle around the house, and I think I like it more. I also rented a Springfield XDm, and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed, and I will consider getting one in the future. It will never replace my Glock for EDC, but I like it.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    While there are those who have different opinions in this holster... I happen to love mine!!! OC every day with it!!!
  5. I don't know what you will be using it for, but if you attend classes or do competitions you will want to check to make sure you can use it. I will refrain from my normal negative serpa comments although it will be difficult.
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    Any situation in which I need to open carry or during colder months when I have a larger cover garment so then I will use it as a concealed holster. Comments are welcome as long as they aren't rude. I'm not brand myopic so if there is something to be concerned about I'd love to hear it.
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    I love mine as well! I have one for my 27 and my new 30SF.
  8. jimmyalbrecht

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    I've only used it today, but I do enjoy it so far. It is very comfortable.
  9. The holster is unsafe. A lot of police departments have banned them along with the Army. Competition bodies such as IDPA and I think NRA have banned them too. Even some of the big name trainers (Larry Vickers, Grey group and i think Red back one) dont allow them in classes anymore There is a lot that can go wrong with the holster and with all of the quality options out there there really isnt a reason to use one with a multitude of documented failures. It isnt just one thing either there are multiple failures with the design and unfortunately shooter using this thing have had a lot of NDs.
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    So you're referring to disengaging the retention mechanism and people pulling the trigger? Or more likely having their finger too close to the trigger when reholstering and pulling it. I can understand how this would be a problem, but I simply place my finger when I normally would when drawing (on the frame right below the slide) and it disengages the retention mechanism. When I unholster the weapon after doing so, my finger is still on the frame right below the slide and above the trigger guard. If you do this and don't let your finger slip down, it shouldn't be a problem. I believe it is more user-error than it is equipment malfunction.

    Is this what you were referring to? An also, can you give me some specifics on failures of the holster?

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    NRA sells them... Reason why this holster has the most reported NDs is because it is one of the most popular holsters... I for one am a fan of the holster, given you know how to use it. Just because places ban things doesn't mean they aren't good.. For instance every range that I know of bans cross draw holsters, shoulder rigs, and fanny packs and purses... Doesn't mean they aren't good.

    The most proximate argument against them is the in order to draw the firearm you must first depress the release with your finger. This is considered a fine motor skill. However it is not unlike pulling the trigger, which is a finer motor skill...

    Also, I would like to point out that when used properly the trigger finger remains indexed on the frame of the weapon and is at no added risk of impacting the trigger... Unless the user is not trained properly.

    Training is key with this holster.
  12. jimmyalbrecht

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    I've probably drawn the gun from this holster a couple of hundred times today, and it seems fine. I didn't have to change anything about my draw from my other holster, and that is why I like it.

    I can see why people would have problems, but I don't think it is the equipment's fault at least not in the case of a Glock.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Practice practice practice!!!!!

    Lots of pros and cons out there, but if you like it, and you are ok with it, and you train with it, what does anyone else's opinion matter? Do what feels right to you, not what some other gun guy says...

    On that note, there are lots of great words of wisdom from every one on the forum... Even the serpa haters :D :D

    See even I have the ability to explain both sides of the argument now...

    Love my crossbreed better though, but I can't cc yet... :(

    (search serpa on here and read up some, pretty good info on all fronts)
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    Another huge concern is that a small rock or pebble can get into the retention mechanism and turn it into a belt borne gun lock. There are also reports of the mechanism breaking, which also turns it into a gun lock. Lots of Serpa issues and failures are documented on m4carbine.net and pistol-forum.com.

    I will have you a real holster the next time I come down to your neck of the woods anyway Jimmy ;).
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    The army hasn't banned them. I worked hand in hand with the army while deployed with the Marine Corps. In fact, it's standard issue for the Marine Corps to issue the Serpa drop leg system. I think the same is for the Army to. At least as of Feb of this year. I never got a rock or small pebble stuck in mine in Afghanistan so someone would have to be really reckless with their Serpa to allow that to happen. I also never had any trouble drawing my weapon with the release and having my finger end up on the trigger. I know some departments that actually issue the level III Serpa holster as well. I wear my 23 in a Serpa most days actually. I find that I OC more than CC just because of ease and comfort since it is getting warmer and I don't feel like having my Comp-Tac soaked in sweat by the end of the day. Any holster with a locking mechanism can fail if something gets caught in the action of the locking system.
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    Alot of the ND's come from people trying to speed draw. They start pulling before hitting the release. This causes people to push harder on the tab and push pull to get the gun out. When they get the gun out their finger is still pushing in the tab which goes onto the trigger and BOOM! Watch Tex Grebner vid;


    Regardless of what you think of him he owns up to it and doesn't blame his equipment.
    Yes a pebble can get in there and lock it up. I used one for years with no problem. My brother wears one on SWAT for years through many high-speed schools and training biweekly along with ops. Not one issue.
    If you do your own research and think it's unsafe, great. If you think otherwise, great.
    There are enough gun snobs do we need holster snobs?
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    I'm far from a gun or holster snob. I wear my 23 in a Serpa as well as a Safariland ALS holster and a Comp-Tac Minotaur. I've also had a Galco Kydex holster in the past too. I've liked them all and was just giving my opinion. Right now it's riding comfortably in my Safariland because I'm on duty and I like the release on the inside of the holster as opposed to the outside. I had an incident before where it was myself against about 5-6 guys and one of them actually tried to get my gun out of my Serpa. I didn't like the fact that the release is on the outside and easier to get to by someone else so from now on I don't carry it on duty. Just off duty now. Still a great holster just not in the capacity as a duty holster.
    If that perp had known how to operate a holster, I might not be typing this right now.
  18. Danzig

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    Definitely not calling you a snob. Referring to people just regurgitating rumors. If someone hates the holster from
    Real world experience that's fine. I've always preferred Safariland holsters for duty. I used the 070 for many years then went to the rotating hood which is more durable than the 070. I had another officer pass me, blade both snaps on the 070 and pull my gun out like lightning. Spooked me but we were in a secure area and I was not keyed up. Any holster can be defeated. I liked the old front opening spring holsters but they fell out of favor over retention IMO.
  19. jimmyalbrecht

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    This makes sense. I'm not concerned on the ND with this holster, but it possibly failing concerns me. I may uninstall the retention system and just use passive retention on it until I get that holster from you ;). I just needed a solution for OWB for now.
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    I as well have used it while deployed with the quick disconnect