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Discussion in 'Second Amendment & Legal' started by Kmurray96, May 2, 2012.

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    I've heard from numerous people now, although I haven't personally experienced this, that people are being asked if they owned guns when filling out forms in Doctors' offices and other venues. And these questions have no relation to the subject of the visit.

    I've also been told, whenever you apply for some VA assistance people are also being asked such things as, "Are you angry? Do you ever have urges to hurt yourself or someone else?"

    If this is not an urban legend, it has the stink of "Gun grab" to it. Personally, if it's none of their business, it going to stay that way, as it should.

    Has anyone else heard of this?
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    Yes...it has been around for quite some time...I just answer in the negative, instead of raising a red flag

    by getting all indignant about it. It is none of their business...be it your personal physician or your health care provider.

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    Or your life insurance provider......
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    Read this article posted in another thread about the FL governor. Sounds like he passed a bill saying doctors CANNOT ask if a patient owns firearms. Doctors say it violate the doctor/patient relationship. I say BS, a doctor asking me if I have firearms is not going to make me dislike them less than I already do. They can take their nose and shove it up their own a** not mine.
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    All in on that one Unit!!!
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    It started several years that I first heard of it. The 2 hospitals closest to me have an initial patient questionare they make all their Doctors get, and it is on their list of questions.
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    Thats real BS!! Take me somewhere else please!
  9. I would refuse then sue if they deny me care. It is in fact already illegal as HIPPA protects ypur right to ignore frivelous questions.
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    This goes along with some of the verbiage that they tried to put in the Obama Care package, they were trying to make it where you could not get insurance if you were a registered gun owner. This would make have to pay the fines for not having insurance.
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    Hummm, but he is for our second ammendment rights? I think not! Please people look and listen closely!! You are being slowly destroyed right in plain sight!!
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    Years ago my son's doctor asked me. My reply was "What do you need?"

    I think that has been removed since then.
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    They aren't asking the question as part of determing whether or not to provide care; they are asking it as part of a suicide assessment/home safety assessment.

    HIPPA protects from a number of things, but I've never seen frivilous questions being part of it.

    The VA started this a couple of years ago, where they were asking it of everyone at every medical appt. Matter of fact, they started it shortly after Obama was sworn in. There was an uproar from Vets and it stopped. They now ask "do you feel safe in your home environment" or something to that affect. Mental health will still ask specifically about firearms, as part of the suicide assessment.

    That's because of the law passed in FL that pediatricians could no longer ask the question. I don't remember if it was all doctors, or just peds.

    For the record, they were asking, as the VA does, as part of assessing the safety of the home environment. Do you have any firearms and how are they secured are not unreasonable questions to ask a parent, IMO. Naturally, people should have the right to refuse to answer.