Just back from range with my new G19 gen 4

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  1. ... and I'm in love! :D

    I bought a brand new model 19 gen 4 a week ago. Got my WI concealed carry permit . I knew my Desert Eagle Mark VII .44 mag would not make a very good CCW so I was looking for a new weapon to add to my gun safe. The instructor of our Home Defense course said that a Glock would be good, and I knew of their fine reputation, so I hit the internet to see what would others thought. I read everything I could find.

    There was lots of talk of the XD, as well as many other non-Glock weapons, but there was always some little recurring problem I would read about with each of them. The only negative I could find about Glock was their apparent appetite for good ammo, rather than low-powered cheap stuff. Figured I could live with that.

    So I picked up my G19 last weekend and it's been in the safe since (except for getting it out to point at the bad guys on TV).

    Today my dad and I went to a nearby range. He's got a brand new .22 Taurus that he hadn't had a chance to fire, either.

    I put 200 rounds through the G19 today:
    100 were Independence 9mm Luger -- 124 grain full metal jacket
    100 were Remington UMC 9mm Luger -- 115 grain jacketed hollow point.

    Had a total of just 3 FTE. I am fairly sure 2 were with the Independence and one with the Remington.

    All-in-all, for the break-in period of this weapon, I thought that was very reasonable.

    Besides the consistency, the thing is accurate! I fired the first 50 rounds with both hands holding resting on the bench. Wanted to see if the sights were anywhere near close. They were beautiful! Had about a 3" group just about centered.

    After the range cease-fire and target change, I ran another 50 through it. This time half resting hands on the bench and half holding two-handed standing up. My off-bench rounds were just about as closely-grouped as the ones where I held it on the bench! That weapon shoots like a dream!!!

    So I am incredibly happy with the Model 19 Gen 4. It fits me nicely (though I did put extenders on two of the three magazines which makes it just a little nicer). It also has very little recoil. It barely rises at all when fired. All of that, and the 9mm ammo is not terribly expensive!

    Yup -- I'm in love.

    By the way -- Glock isn't the only one that's a little picky about ammo. My dad's brand new Taurus .22 caliber semi-auto (sorry -- don't know model) was also very picky. He had two boxes of ammo, both CCW brand. The gun would pretty consistently FTE on the one box. But when he switched to the hollow points, it fired and worked perfectly. I would guess they must have been just a bit hotter.

    Of course, I let my dad try the G19 also. What did he do? Perfect bullseye on the very first shot. I hate show-offs!
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    Where's pics of the target...the G19....you & your Dad ??!!

  3. Here ya go (partially). . . . .


    Here's a pic of the gun with one of the later free-hand targets.

    We were so into the guns and shooting that I didn't take any pictures at the range! Wish I had!!!
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    Glock had a recall recently on the dual coil recoil springs for the gen 4 model 19. Make sure you have the correct spring and you shouldn't have any more fte. I fixed this problem a long time ago with my gen 4 Glock 19 by purchasing a stainless steel recoil spring made to gen 3 specs, yet fitted for the gen 4. Bought it from Glockmeister.com. I have never had a single hiccup of any kind ever since! No more fte and/or stove pipes. Used my gen 4 model 19 with the Glockmeister recoil spring in it at an all day defensive handgun training session and it was a freakin' rock star! Had so much fun, perfection and performance in this class that I even influenced the course instructor to buy a new Glock! He had been using his Springfield XD in the class. That reminds me, my buddy in the training session with me was fighting some type of feed or ejection problems all day long! He was using his Springfield XD in 45 ACP. Anyway, enjoy!
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    Thanks OuttaHand...!! I was half kiddin' when I asked

    for pics...sometimes memories are better anyway !!

    Nice that you had time with Dad too...
  6. Good story. Always nice to spend a day at the range. Congrats in the 19.
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    I shoot the cheap walmart federal champion and have never had a FTE. Call Glock and see if you have the updated ejector as well as the spring that was mentioned. I've heard the opposite with Glock that it will eat what ever the hell you put through it.
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    I also have a Glock 19, but not a Gen 4. After reading this I would love to try the new Gen 4!
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    One more comment, since you appear to love your model 19 as much as I do...

    One of the absolute best modifications I did to my Glock was to take a dremel (spell?) grinding tool to the bottom of the trigger guard. I reduced the thickness and perfectly smoothed and rounded out the corner that was digging into my middle finger knuckle. Now, it feels like I am gripping a ball of clay, as the ergonomics are perfect!

    Turns out I am not crazy, as this exact same mod is something Hickok45 does to his Glocks as well! I recently saw him reveal this in his Glock mods video and I couldn't help but chuckle as I felt like I was in good company with my decision to make my Glock the most comfortable shooter it could be!

    I've recently done this critical "comfort & ergonomics" mod to my Glock 30sf as well.

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    I've only put a few hundred rounds through it so far, but I think I'm in love! Nothing but cheap ammo so far, and not a single hiccup.
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    Try running some mini mags in the 22. The problem with most of the 22 pistols with full length slides is that your run of the mill ammo has just enough power to make the slide function properly. From what I've been told while I was shopping for my wife's is that the Sig Mosquito is the pickiest of them all. The Ruger MKIII's, the Browning, or my wife's Neos have shorter/lighter slides making them less picky. The day we bought my wife's we went directly to the range with a $13 box of Federal, all 525 fed without any issues. It's ugly as sin, but the price was right, and it works.

  12. I just looked into this. Mine has the 0-4-3 spring in it. According to the charts I find online, that is the correct spring.
    I also e-mailed Glock this morning. We'll see if they get back to me with any good info.

  13. His recoil spring is incredibly strong. You cannot rack the slide by hand. You have to load the mag, then tilt the barrel and put a shell into the barrel itself to make it ready to fire. I think he's going to have to use some more powerful ammo.
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    Don't have a G19 yet but have been considering it if I find it at a decent price... Glad you have had great results with yours and hope to hear many more great stories from you and the others going out and having a friendly day of shooting, target shooting is almost therapeutic to some :)
  15. UPDATE: I had emailed Glock about my FTE issue and got a reply this morning.
    They said to take the gun to a Certified Glock Armorer for a new ejector.

    I won't be able to do that til Thursday, but I'm hoping that solves it.

    It's nice to ser quick customer service like that. My faith is being restored.
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    The numbers stamped on the end of the new replacement spring, from left to right, are: 034.

    This is allegedly the correct spring you are supposed to be using now, in a Gen 4 Glock 19.

    I cannot report any results with it as I have never installed mine. No need! My Glockmeister stainless steel Gen 3 spec
    Spring is perfect in my Gen 4 Glock 19!

    Your FTE problems are due to the spring being too heavy, it is not an ejector problem!
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    Just noticed your reply about the spring number stamped on the end. Looks like you have the spring Glock wants you to have. And yet...fte issues are present.

    Glock loves to blame you for using the wrong ammo (total bull****! Your Glock should run like a champ on Winchester white box). Note the Glock 19 manual says you should use "9mm". It does NOT say anything about a specific brand or a minimum psi per round.

    Glock will run you around for weeks, telling you to screw with the ejector, or mail them the gun. They even mailed me stronger magazine springs ( this was a joke and accomplished nothing).

    Bottom line is that Glock royally screwed up with this dual coil recoil spring in the Gen 4 Glock 19. They even admitted it with a public recall.

    Best money you'll ever spend is that stainless steel Glockmeister.com spring. Get the stock weight spring (Gen 3 stock weight) and never look back! It's custom made to fit in the Gen 4 slide. It's a no-brainer!!! I've never had a single FTE since I installed mine!

  18. UPDATE 3/10/12: I got my G19 back earlier this week and today we went to the range. One word: NICE

    My local gun shop replaced the ejector (at zero expense to me) and test fired the weapon. He reported to me that 10 rounds landed in a neat little pile.

    Today at the range I confirmed. I put another 200 rounds through the gun. I had zero FTF, zero FTE, and zero stovepipes. It just ran! My groupings, though off-center, were nice and tight -- at least they were when I did MY job. I till need to develop a little stronger hand and better aim. I wasn't too bad, but I'm going to have to work on it. There were a few where I jerked, a few where I could feel myself pulling the gun over, etc.

    Darn. That means that in order to get better I will have to shoot this thing some more. Oh well. I guess if I have to, I will. :D
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    Congrats my Gen 4 19 has been flawless as well!
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    I've never experienced a run around with Glock on my guns. Always fast, over the phone, to respond and pick up, quick answers and I'm on my way again.