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  1. tjm0031

    tjm0031 New Member

    Shot my cousin in-laws JR 9mm Carbine at the family reunion last weekend. Actually got my wife to the range which was a monumental step for her!
    Question is...anyone have a JR? I fell in love with it and thought it was neat that it ran on Glock mags and 9mm ammo which I have plenty of.! Been wanting an AR but this seems like a different and "one caliber" solution.
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  2. ZombieNinja

    ZombieNinja New Member

    I do not have a JR.

    That said I have done lots of research and found the few companies that do make a dedicated lower that accept Glock mags.
    Oly and LWD make dedicated Glock lowers.
    I have a Colt AR in 9mm that is pinned from the factory with the mag block. (Diff mags) It has been great and trouble free but that is not the same story with most lower mag block kits. Lots a adjustment and feed problems.
    My advice is stay away from those and run a dedicated lower. Which means you may have to build one. You can buy one but its not cheap. Building isn't either but you will save some over buying outright.
    I like the jr but would rather have the more traditional looking ar upper lower look. Jr is def the cheaper route.
    AR 9mm suppressed sb is just freaking phenomenal btw!!

  3. chuckds

    chuckds Certified Glock Armorer

    I have a Mech Tech, it uses your Glock lower.

    Here is mine, it's the 10mm G20sf version:


    I think the basic Mech Tech is cheaper than the jr.
  4. J-Will

    J-Will I'm a peacock, you gotta let me fly!

    I don't have one, but damn they are cool! Either that or the mechtech if you have a gun you want to convert. If you wanna keep your pistol too then grab the JR, I'd like one in the future myself.
  5. tjm0031

    tjm0031 New Member

    Good info! Thanks! I have seen the LWD product and it is top notch for sure. Just trying to keep the whole package under a grand with sights and maybe a foregrip. I will look at mectech. The JR in my area runs about $750 and I know there are some DPMS and S&W AR's that run around that price also. I'm more of a casual shooter so don't have to have top tier. I allow my G26 which is top tier to be carried and defend my family and I :)
  6. bigman110

    bigman110 New Member

    I bought my wife the JR this past Xmas. We've put 500 + rds through and no problems. It's a fun little carbine to plink with.
  7. zenabi90

    zenabi90 New Member

    I've got a TNW Aero Survival Rifle in 9mm and its beyond fun. Detachable barrel to fit easily in a backpack, also pretty accurate. I got it for $675 and I think it's a better value than the $800 JR Carbine, and you can get conv kits for .40SW and .45ACP. They also have .22LR and .357Sig kits in the making; and just announced their pistol version of the ASR.

    Easy breakdown, easy cleaning. The first production run had a few problems with brass but the later ones will eat just about anything.

    TNW's customer service is great too. I have an early model and they're doing everything to make the brass work short of giving me a completely whole new gun.
  8. tjm0031

    tjm0031 New Member

    Figured I'd update my shopping search. Stepped out on a limb and figured I'd go full AR and ordered a Palmetto State M4 with FN produced chrome lined barrel yesterday. Should be here by next weekend said my LGS. With the price of the JR I just couldn't justify not going the true AR route for literally the same price. I'm on a budget as my main hobby and passion is mountain biking with my guns a close 2nd :). Felt for the money the PSA fit the bill as a full mil spec carbine.
  9. steve084

    steve084 New Member

    You could also look at the High Point carbine. I got one a year ago and have had no problems the kids love it,it looks goog and id very reliable.
  10. chuckds

    chuckds Certified Glock Armorer

    I have a High Point 9mm for sale here on GF.

    One owner (my son) comes with ammo!

  11. 40caljim

    40caljim Active Member Supporter

    No one mentioned the KelTec Sub 2000. Most of them come set up for
    Glock mags. I have had my Sub 2000 in .40 cal for four years and it is
    a shooter.
  12. buildit

    buildit Another gun nut

    They are hard to find, very short (an issue for tall people) and prices have gone thru the roof on them. I went the cheap route and got a Hi Point 995 ts. Very fun and easy to shoot.
  13. kodiak

    kodiak Active Member

    Have you seen this?


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  15. SteveC

    SteveC New Member

    I have Hi-Point carbines in .45 and 9mm. They're heavy but have been reliable and shoot quite well. They do not use Glock mags, of course, and their capacity is limited (10 rounds in 9mm and 9 rounds in .45). Customer service is outstanding.
  16. buildit

    buildit Another gun nut

    Has to be better than Theron Defense. It only took two calls to their office to determine I didn't care how great the carbine was, I just don't deal with liers and idiots.:mad:
  17. epat

    epat Female Member

    Do not buy this rifle yet....

    Thumbs down on the JRC. I have made 2 trips to the range so far with the 9mm version and nothing but jams, this last time the bolt locked up after about the 7th round, I am talking rock locked the bolt. I got it home and found the bolt handle was loose. I took it apart checked the bolt and made sure everything was ok and reassembled it. By hand it is racking smooth but we will see when I return to the range. At the moment I say "DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY" on this rifle. The spent cases just roll out and seems to help the jamming process. Customer service is crap! I emailed them twice and no emails from them. It has been a month since the first email so I am going to figure this thing out on my own and if I get it running to my expectations I will not disclose the fix. Those people, had to think what to call them, do not pay me to figure out their problem with this rifle and they do have a few. I should have researched the net before buying it but I guess in these days of the 21 century a 9mm rifle was done as well at the 10-22 rifle but I was VERY wrong. I believed they pushed this thing into production because of money, it was running out and they decided to fix the problems via warranty and they still cannot do that right. I am very disappointed and my $700 was not well spent. I would tell those interested in a pistol caliber carbine to look at Hi-point or kel-tec but stay away from this until they can hire someone to fix it correctly. I bought this because I liked the fact that it used Glock magazines. Rant is still on but I am signing off for now :)
  18. Danzig

    Danzig Glockin’ since 1993 Supporter

    Hate to here that epat! It's happened to me a couple of times and one gun I'm out close to $1300.
    I learned my lesson somewhat and like to let others be test subjects.
  19. epat

    epat Female Member

    Hi Dan:) Yeah I am sure others have lost more money than I have but either way it is a loss and I was so excited to find one locally and in stock, I am still giving this rifle time to redeem itself. I am sure I can figure it out but in giving time. It makes looking forward to a range trip exciting in the manner of if I fixed this thing or not. :)

    I just want the word out before any members think about buying this rifle, if the gunshop has a target lane shoot it before buying and do not let the "it needs to be broke in" change your mind!
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  20. Danzig

    Danzig Glockin’ since 1993 Supporter

    Good luck. On a somewhat related item. dwcfastrice and I went to a range with rentals. I noticed their KRISS was missing and asked them. They said they've had several and they always are going down.