James Holmes Shooting staged?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Hoopinator, Jul 21, 2012.

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    Really just really

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    Whoever wrote that article should be dragged out into the street and beaten.
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    Hahaha! +1 and he calmly surrendered to police becuase he didnt want to get shot up
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    They also said he played world of Warcraft alot. Anyone ever think of him being one of those guys that sits there and mines gold, ore, etc. for money. There are a lot of people that do that on that game and they make a lot of money off it. And maybe thats how it was funded. the FEDs should check his PayPal and battle.net and other gaming accounts to see how much money he has or withdrew from it. Maybe that's why he rigged his apartment, so he can destroy all evidence if he got caught and cops came to his place. Just a thought.
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    Or maybe it wasn't even him. He could've been the fall guy. They said someone stood up and exited through the back door and ten someone came back in and started shooting. Wearing all that gear. Maybe it was someone else. Hired to do it. Then James Holmes takes the fall so no one will know. The people who hired him might have rigged his place so when he went back home they would've taken him out also. ???????????????????????????????????????

    Think about it. Nobody seen his face until after....
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    Another thing to add. When the cops found him in the back of the theater, he was not wearing any of the riot gear. How long would it take to get all that gear off and placed back in the car. How long did it take for the cops to find him. And did they even test anything he was wearing for powder residue and such. It could've been Holmes that had to get up and open the door for the guy, while the guy is inside shooting up the joint, Holmes had to wait by the car. If he ran, they would blow his place up when he walked in the door. So when the guy got done, he ran out back, took off the gear and threw it in the car and took off or just left and they had extra gear stashed in the car (thats why i say test the gear for residue) and told Holmes that his place is rigged since Holmes cooperated. Then he left and the cops came and took down Holmes. ?????????
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    They interviewed his mother, don't remember who "they" is right now, but her response "You have the right person, my son is insane." /shrug
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    I'm not going to say this whole incident was staged, but the article does raise some legitimate questions, none of which have been addressed by the media. The media was right on the ball for exploiting this event to garner support to disarm us all. funny that the UN Arms Trade Treaty signing is coming up soon...
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    I don't see any need to invoke conspiracy. It just happened yesterday, & the investigation is just starting. And since the shooter is an obvious sociopath, why is it nobody wants to propose crime as a likely income source?
  10. All interesting points. I was really curious about all of your thoughts and observations regarding this insane tragedy....and your response to the media...I heard one newscaster say "he could spray more than 50 bullets a minute". Um...I don't know about you, but that's really not that much of a feat...
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    Because he has no criminal record. Also, you can't just automatically rule it out because it is a conspiracy theory. You must consider everything to get to the truth, and as I already stated, this raises some legitimate questions.
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    No one has a criminal record until they are caught.
  13. Yup believe it or not there are psychopaths out there that are flying under the radar and we wont hear about them until they strike.
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    You might have a different opinion when they come knocking on your door asking for all your firearms.
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    With the number of people in the news lately doing things "out of character" while on drugs, I would say that this is possible just another case.

    However with that said...we should wait to see as more of this story develops.
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    I haven't had a lot of experience with "Natural News", but so far, everything I've read on their website has reeked of made up, puffed up, looney conspiracy drivel.

    There are several points in the article that are easily debunked as, at best, exaggerated, like the "$20k" worth of gear that was "provided" to him. We already know where the guns came from and we know where much of his gear came from.

    From what I've gathered, based on the reports of the gear purchased, he wasn't wearing body armor, he was wearing a tactical vest.

    Sure about that? The police chief is quoted as saying they almost missed him because he looked like one of their SWAT guys.

    Actually, the calls for gun control after this incident have been surprisingly soft. Obama didn't say a word about gun control. His press secretary, only after being asked by a reporter in the press room, repeated the "common sense" gun control spiel.

    I do find the timing of various events to be awfully coincidental, this with the arms treaty and the AZ shooting right before the first F&F results press release...though that certainly backfired on them when the scandal broke.

    The fact is, though, that the rhetoric after both incidents has been minimal.

    The political will is not there and the public sentiment, even after something like this, is not there either.
  17. If you read it on the internet, it must be true. Yes, this is sarcasm.
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    I know exactly what it is, and that is why I don't support it. It will place more requirements and red tape on gun transfers from other countries (Glock comes from Austria) and it will just make a large mess. And like already stated, it is very vague in definitions (a liberal's playground) so it will most likely be used to further gun control in the future.