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  1. bhale187

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    Anyone used them before? I just ordered 500rds of the 40cal reloads for $112 with shipping.

    Great price, I hope they are worth a crap. I'll give a range report when they come in, hopefully I have found a new go to ammo supplier.
  2. glocknloaded

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    I have heard good things about them, just looked at 9mm reloads gonna order some myself great price.

  3. fls348

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    Right before I found out about this place I ordered 2000 rounds of 9mm.

    I'll be watching for your range report to hear how they are. The 9mm reloads are slightly less than I was getting steel cased for, but every dollar saved is more ammo in my book...

    Be sure to let us all know how the ammo is and if you think it's worth it.
  4. 1000 9mm reloads for $159. I can barely load 1000 myself for that price. It's close and that's with me already having the brass.

    Anxiously waiting for a report. If the report is good I will order 2-3k right then.
  5. Happysniper1

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  6. ;) Forum discount on shipping?
  7. Dark Knight

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    Would also like to see report before buying I am usually Leary of reloads
  8. SHOOTER13

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the use of reloads in a Glock

    negates the factory warranty...
  9. glocknloaded

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    How would they be as to tell?
  10. Green-Water

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    ^^^^^Heard that as well.^^^^^

    I need some clarification here. I am confused when it comes to the terms "factory" and "reloaded" ammunition. I thought that reloaded ammunition consisted of a single individual reloading bullets in his or her own home or shed etc....

    I thought anything coming from a larger factory type setting would not fall under the reload classification.

    So I guess I'm trying to understand why Jack Ross is considered to be reloaded ammunition.

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  11. Thought the wording used by Glock was "factory ammo only", and didn't say that factory reloads would void anything. But I don't have the literature with me ATM and can't verify this.
  12. bagozzi46

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    Since this ammo is FACTORY reloads and Glock says FACTORY ammo only... I don't see where the problem lies... IMO.
  13. bhale187

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    They are not using virgin casings, they are using brass from a variety of manufactures that has been shot before and they are reloading those casings. So it is factory ammo, but reloaded at the same time.
  14. Green-Water

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    Great explanation. Thank you!
  15. Happysniper1

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    Generically, "reloaded" means ammunition created from used (previously fired) cases (some exceptions apply).

    When the term "handloaded" is used, this refers to ammunition that is made by an individual at home, using any of the popular reloading presses.

    When the term "factory reloaded" is used, this refers to ammunition that is made by a bulk reloader using automated bulk reloading equipment.

    Ammo I (or any other home reloader) make at home would be reloaded, but "handloaded", and is the horror dream of gun manufacturers because there is no guarantee that the individual constructing the ammunition will follow SAAMI specs, nor is there any quality control over components.

    Ammo produced by "factory reloaders" (Aka, "bulk reloaded") also do not have the guarantee of SAAMI compliance, but will tend to (by custom, not as a rule) conform with SAAMI specs (generally, not assured, though). Furthermore, due to the possibility of a buyer filing a lawsuit against the ammo remanufacturer in case of faulty ammo (always a hazard), it is generally accepted that "factory reloaded" ammunition will perform within SAAMI specifications in regards to not approaching the maximum chamber pressures as well as the specified case dimensions for any given caliber of ammo.

    If you (or anyone) have ever purchased various brands of ammo and examined the cases only to find the headstamps are mixed, this is most certainly factory reloaded or remanufactured ammo, and uses previously-fired cases, hence the mixed headstamps.

    Home reloaders or "hand-loaders" also use previously-fired cases, except for those who purchase virgin (unused) brass, which is certainly more expensive than picking up you own spent brass or collecting range brass.

    Hope that helps.

  16. Green-Water

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    That helps tremendously. Thank you sir.
  17. IMO.......Glock saying that is just their way of avoiding any liability. Unless you have a kaboom resulting in catastrophic frame failure........how will they know what you use?
  18. 1NCHMBR

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    Has anyone put the jack ross reloads through there Glock I like the price
  19. Happysniper1

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    Hello, 1nchmbr, and WELCOME to the Forum!

    Please post a *Hi There* and introduction in the Introductions category, so other Members can greet you.

    We have a Member who works there, Vince7003. After your intro, he may pipe up with feedback.

  20. bhale187

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    I just ordered 500 of the 40cal reloads the other day, when they arrive I plan to make a trip to the range and I'll give a full report