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J&G Ammo Sale

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Just thought I would pass this sale along to the membership...

( Today through Monday Sept 3rd )


7.62x39 HP 122GR TULAMMO NOW $199.90 PER CASE !!

Now get the ammo you need for your AK and SKS for only $199.90 per case of 1000 rounds! New production, non-corrosive ammo with a polycoat steel case and a 122gr hollow point bullet, all which make it perfect for your 7.62 Soviet based weapons, and only $199.90 !!

Order here



Original US military 5.56mm ammo with a 55gr FMJ M196 red tip bullet. Solid plinking ammo, with a brass case and packed in a steel ammo can. The M196 bullet was originally a tracer, but they have expired, are considered "blind" tracers and will usually no longer light up. A chance to get genuine US military ammo at a great price! Was almost $300 per can, but now only $269.78

See more at


Disclaimer: I am not in any way connected to this company...Period !!

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