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  1. I'm looking to buy a IWB holster. Just wanted some ideas from the forum on your experiences with them? What brand to look for an so on?
  2. Check out trotac. He is a vendor on here. Great product and customer service! I have 4 different holsters from him. Very comfortable.





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    Crossbreed supertuck will come up a lot I carry with one its so great. I also have a remora which works so well if I really need to conceal and its clipless check them out... Also there are so many threads out there on this I'm sure with a little searching and reading you could find out tons fairly quickly
  4. What is the material feel like against the skin? Is it fabric? Is it soft?
  5. If you are asking about trotacs holsters, they are made out of kydex. But still very comfortable
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    It's leather. Yes it's soft. I use Shielded Holsters. I think the design is better than a Crossbreed Supertuck. It's $50 and Kurt puts a belt slot on it for OWB and it comes in dark brown, black and natural.

    I have the following:

    CBST: P220
    Shielded Holster: G23/27/36
    Shielded Holster: G30
    Shielded holster: LCR, Taurus 605

    I don't like the Kydex clips that Crossbreed uses. Mine has kydex J clips. I prefer steel clips.
  7. With the IWB holsters do you need to wear a belt? I'm not a real belt fan!!
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    It will make it a hell of a lot more secure and comfortable.

    FWIW: Crossbreed uses steel clips now. I guess in the past they must have used kydex.
  9. Right now I'm using the Blackhawk Serpa and I love it!! I just want to get an IWB holster to conceal a little more.
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    I use the Galco KingTuk, and really like it.

    And the belt clips are undecorated, and thus, do not draw attention.
  11. I was going to look at the galvo today at cabelas. How does the backing feel against your body? Do you need to wear a shirt under it?
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    Yes, you need to wear a belt.
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    I know it's a bit generic but I just got an Uncle Mike's IWB model 8916-1 size 16 for my 30 and pending I have it set on my GM right it seems like I could have a winner. Especially for the heat of the summer as it doesn't transfer moisture to my pistol and because of the material it seems like it won't trap heat and moisture either. It's comfortable and weighs nearly nothing.
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    I am about to pull the trigger on an IWB holster. I am torn between the Galco SuperTuk and the Crossbreed SuperTuck. I am wondering about the leather concept on both of them though. It seems like it would be very hot and sticky against the skin (I live in SW Florida). I understand they're very comfortable but I am concerted about them being hot. I guess it would help to wear an undershirt and tuck that in so as to put the shirt between your side and the holster but is it necessary?
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    Have you looked into white hat they are awesome pics attached. Great options and great to work with call Tony...

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    Yes, I did look at them. In the last few minutes, actually. Thanks, yours look great. I discovered them since posting that last comment. They look awesome! Looks like he will tan horsehide, where Crossbreed does not. Now I have one more choice to torment me. What about the issue I stated earlier about the leather being hot against your side?
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    I have been using it daily inAZ with temps ranging from 70-90+ deg. No sweat issues. I use it with jeans and with dress slacks with t shirts and with dress shirts ( long sleeves due to work no imprint no sweat around the shirt or pants... No under shirt no chafing no issues at all! Now AZ is a " dry heat" lol freaking hot is hot!!!
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    I use a Pro Carry HD from http://www.theholsterstore.net/ for my G19 and I am a big fan. There are a lot of nice looking IWB holsters out there though... the www.N82Tactical.com holsters look pretty nice. I would be tempted to buy one if I didn't already have 4 different holsters sitting around. ;)
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    Here are some pics of white hat holster in action sorry for the crappy res phone camera and upside down....

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