iwb holster for glock 19

Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by RDNK_mulisha, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. RDNK_mulisha

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    the only experience i have with an iwb is a galco summer comfort. it rides too high and is very uncomfortable. any suggestions on better iwb that also sit lower? i dont like the crossbreed style. more of a simple clip type of style would fit me better.

  2. bfish

    bfish Member

    Hi mike. Have you ever thought of going clippless? Something like a Remora you could position any way you like. They are extremely comfortable and priced well

  3. TC125

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    I just bought a Theis holster for my G19. Just waiting for its arrival.
  4. RDNK_mulisha

    RDNK_mulisha New Member

    bfish, just placed an order for a remora. seems like the simple type of holster i am looking for. hopefully it works for me. is this the holster you use? what position do you where it? im left handed and will like to wear it behind my hip.

    thanks for your suggestion
  5. Blades

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    Welcome to the forum "RDNK_mulisha"!

    The Remora is a fine holster, and it will work behind your hip, or anywhere else on your waist. I use mine with my G30.
  6. Thesarge

    Thesarge "The Sarge"

    I use the Comp-Tac Infidel holster for IWB carry and the 2:00 holster for AIWB. Comfortable with no unneeded material. These holsters just plain work very well and you get them fast. Comp-tac has a no hassle return policy that is a plus. Bill
  7. bfish

    bfish Member

    Well yes and no. This is the holster my gun spends the most time in at least when its not on me. I also wear a crossbreed. But I usually have it between 2 and 3:30 (right handed) just whatever feels comfortable... I don't like it behind me as I want it somewhere I can sit down and things with out it being a big deal. The beauty of the holster is that it kind of finds its own "sweet spot" it can honestly go anywhere so you will find something you like I'm sure I've worn it about everywhere from 12 to 6 at some point even in sweatpants
  8. tbell99

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    I wear a crossbreed holster with suits, shorts , summer winter, it's on from 530-1900 each day and I don't even notice it. Very comfortable it's the same brand Rob Pincus wears
  9. jcrobert1983

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    Try n82tactical.com. I've never had one but they have a lot of fans and make an IWB holster that rides lower and has a single steel clip. They just came out with a new professional model that looks pretty good.
  10. I use a Raven Concealment and it can be used for both OWB and IWB with the belt adapter.
  11. Devinh2

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    I've tried others, but I seem to keep going back to the simple $10 Uncle Mikes IWB!!

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    If I may interest you in two possibilities that I offer.

    Blackhawk leather Tuck holster…………$23.00

    Desantis superfly………….$30.00

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  13. laober

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    Is that a shipped price?

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    No it is not. Shipping is $15 for orders under $100 and free for orders over $100.