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Iwb for 22

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Does anyone have any experience concealing a 22 and if so what worked best for you?
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I just started carrying my 22 with a clip draw on my strong side and I really like it.
Im 5'6 about 175 and carried a G22c in an inside the waist holster in the small of my back. I would wear a "wife beater" shirt with a normal T'shirt over it cause I didn't like the feel of weapon on skin. Nobody knew I had it there not even my co-workers. The only thing carrying it there is if you need to bend down, Id bend at the knees instead of the waist. I now carry a full size 1911 there instead of my Glock.
if this posted twice it was operator error
I use a DeSantis Insider for my G22. I am 6 ft tall, 250lbs
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I carry a 19 in a crossbreed style holster that was made by a local guy, by far the best type of holster I've ever tried. Keeps the gun at the perfect angle (butt of the gun slightly upwards to minimize "printing"). Also molds nicely to your body for a comfy fit.

*On a side note, I don't recommend that anyone carry their firearm on the small of their back, I remember reading an article about someone (I think it was an officer) who slipped and fell onto their back and ended up becoming paralyzed. I'll try to find the article and post it afterwards. I don't like the idea of using a clipdraw either, not having the trigger guard covered just doesn't seem right to me, especially since I carry with a round chambered.
Thanks guys. I'm going to start looking.
Talk to Mike P on this forum hes got nice holsters for a great price, when things settle down for me im goin to talk to him again. Well worth a message to see what hes about, and all kinds of reviews about him on here too.
Well guys I tried finding that article I mentioned about the officer who became paralyzed after falling on his gun which he was carrying on the small of his back. I can't find the damn article :mad:

However it seems that this has happened to a few people. Apparently many police departments don't allow their officers to carry anything including handcuffs or radios on the small of back either. This makes sense, carrying something directly over your spine can be a recipe for disaster..
I carry a G 22 in a C/B style holster that I made, in the summer I wear a undershirt under it and a work shirt to cover, works great and I always have my best friend with me.

Clip Draw on a Glock seems risky to me, I'm not willing to carry with the trigger guard uncovered but that is my opinion. SoB is the same for the above stated reasons.
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