IWB carry and love handles

Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by sawfiler, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. sawfiler

    sawfiler New Member

    ok while not obese I have some middle age spread going on. I have never carried IWB but want to. Is there some recomendations for a IWB that would be comfortable for someone with my build.

  2. kodiak

    kodiak Active Member

    Just a good holster (like a Foxx or Crossbreed) and good stiff belt with a pair of pants that fit (ie not too snug around the waist to begin with).
  3. sawfiler

    sawfiler New Member

    thanks I've been interested in Crossbreed and will probably give one a try.
  4. kodiak

    kodiak Active Member

    You will be very happy with a xbreed type holster. The leather backing distributes the weight of the gun and provides a very comfortable barrier against your body. Give Foxx a look...same type of holster, cheaper, and it will be at your door next week. Do not overlook a good quality belt.
  5. dutchs

    dutchs Well-Known Member

    Just in case you didn't know Foxxholsters is a vendor here. Just look in the Vendor list on the home forum page.:D
  6. Scorpion911

    Scorpion911 SheepDog

    Crossbreed is awesome, save yourself some bucks and go to crossbreedseconds.com selection varies and you have to mail cash but I bought two SuperTuck Deluxes for about half price. I also like my Raven Concealment Phantom for IWB!
  7. Gun_Aficionado

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    Def. check foxxholsters out, I hear great things about them. I personally own whitehat holster max tuck horse hide and love it for when dressed formal or in jeans with tucked shrt otherwise if untucked shirt or in shorts sweatpants or even pj's I am all about the remora love this holster as well.
  8. Blades

    Blades Senior Member

    I have been ill and unemployed for 22 months now, so my middle has spread a bit more then I wanted from my lack of activity. As my health is improving my exercise is increasing, but slowly. Anyways, I have found that appendix carry doesn't work with my G30sf/Remora, but works great between 3:00-6PM. A smaller gun may work better at the appendix position, but I don't want a smaller gun. My jeans are fine with my G30sf/Remora, I have some pants with an expanding waist and they work well.
  9. Gun_Aficionado

    Gun_Aficionado King of my Castle until my wife comes home Lifetime Supporting Member

    I also carry with remora between 3 -5 with slight cant forward use with G17G4 and G19C
  10. Blades

    Blades Senior Member

    I have tried to cant mine, but with the ART it just doesn't work. I think the regular Remora would be better.
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  11. xsrtthisx

    xsrtthisx New Member

    I deff have some love handles and ive used a crossbreed for my Glock 30 for over a year straight carrying 10+ hours a day at work. Seemed to be great for me, took a bit to get used to but they are great holsters. Only thing that started to get to me was the weight of the 30, just a little bit too much for an everyday thing.
  12. Glockwork

    Glockwork Member

    I have found that the spare tire actually helps conceal my gun! HA!
  13. jimmyalbrecht

    jimmyalbrecht Glockn Rollin

    This, I literally wear my Glock 23 for at least 15 hours a day in my Maxtuck holster. It is the most concealable, comfortable holster I have ever used. Once the leather gets broken in and molds to your body, it gets even better.
  14. jonm61

    jonm61 New Member

    Before you invest $40-60 in a good holster, grab a $10 Uncle Mike's or Blackhawk and carry around the house with it for a week. IWB carry can be uncomfortable. you're sticking an inch+ wide piece of steel between you and your waistband, so if the waist on your pants is snug, you'll have to buy a size up. Same with belts, and good gun belts aren't cheap.

    I carried IWB for a long time. I remember a guy in a pawn shop I frequented back in the late 90's saying something along the lines of anyone who would carry that wide of a gun IWB is crazy. At the time, I laughed and blew him off. Now, after switching to OWB and discovering that I can conceal OWB just as well as I did IWB, I have changed my opinion. With a good holster, a good belt and the right placement, a loose t-shirt can conceal OWB with no problem and it's a LOT more comfortable.
  15. iGlock

    iGlock Lead Farmer

    Im also on the huskey side lol, i use a clip draw and MIC holster for my g30 and its worked great for me. I can get a full grip on the handle when i draw.
  16. jimmyalbrecht

    jimmyalbrecht Glockn Rollin

    What kind of OWB holster do you use?
  17. jonm61

    jonm61 New Member

    For my Glocks, I'm using



    It's just like the Galco Fletch, same "forward" design where the outside of the holster has all of the molding for the gun, while the body side is flat. If you read Galco's description on the Fletch, it explains it all. The Aker is a mid-ride, not a high-ride and is less expensive while being very well made. The Galco Fletch rode so high that I had a hard time drawing from it. It might be great for someone 6', but I'm only 5'9".



    I prefer closed bottom holsters, but with the "slide" style, I can carry my full size, compact or sub compact in the same holster. I have one of these for my P99. Now that I sold my P99c, I could have a closed bottom holster, but I bought the holster when I had both.

    Last, but not least, for my Sig, which I just recently got and finally got to the range yesterday, so I haven't carried it yet, I have a Bianchi 82

    I don't have any real experience with it yet, but I know many that do and it's a well liked holster. Very secure, while still easy to draw from.

    I never buy from the manufacturer's website. Opticsplanet.com is good for Bianchi. For DeSantis, I use their website to find the model number of the holster I want and then I Google that part number. Generally, I can find the holster for $45-50 instead of the $75-85 MSRP. The Akers I just Google.

    eBay is also a great source for good prices, but you have to really narrow down what you're looking for. I've gotten some great leather holsters on eBay, including some lesser known brands that are still great holsters.
  18. rhung

    rhung New Member

    I've been using crossbreed supertuck, for AIWB. The ride height is ok for my G23, and it's pretty comfortable. The only downside is I stand on my feet 12 hrs/day and bend up and down throughout the day. It gets a bit uncomfortable when I bend up and down.
    I just came across KEEPER holster through pistol training forum. I heard so much good thing about this holster, so I just ordered one. I believe there's a wait time right now, but I know it's worthy.

    Here are some info for KEEPER.


    Hope this helps!
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  19. Zepaholic

    Zepaholic Premium Member

    I carry a G30 & was using a belly band holster, not very comfortable.
    I picked up an Uncle Mikes IWB holster the other day at the gun shop & I like it. I carry at the appendix.
    I am looking at something of better quality now for carrying.
    I have handles & a belly! LOL