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I'm finally a Glock owner..put her in jail today!!! I bought a used 3rd gen G20 from the original owner thats in fantastic condition and hardly used. It came with all original tupperware, a holster, double mag pouch, and 6 factory mags...I couldn't be happier right now, and I haven't had a 'happy day' in a long time.. it made my day!!
This dreaded 10 day wait here in CA is gonna drive me insane. Until I get it home, I know I'm gonna play with the mags like they're GI joes, and probably put the holster on and pretend draw!!:D:D

I know this questions been beat to death, but, any recommendations on a range bag to carry all the gear I have and extra ammo? I use ear plugs, not muffs, so dont need the space for those..

TIA, Ill post pics once I get her what to name her...
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